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Giovanni’s Room, 1145 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 (US ©215-923-2960;, An international lesbian/feminist and gay bookstore with mail order service (carries many of the publications listed below).

International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), 81 r. Marche-au-Charbon, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium (©02 502 2471; Provides political info, such as the homosexuality laws of specific countries.


Damron Men’s Travel Guide, Damron Women’s Traveler, Damron’s Accommodations,and Damron Amsterdam Guide. Damron Travel Guides (US$16-22). For more info, call US ©800-462-6654 or visit

Ferrari Guides’ Gay Travel A to Z, Ferrari Guides’ Men’s Travel in Your Pocket, and Ferrari Guides’ Inn Places. Ferrari Publications (US$ 16-20).

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2003-2004, Bruno GmunderVerlag (US$33).

The Gay Vacation Guide: The Best Trips and How to Plan Them, Mark Chesnut. Kensing ton Publishing Corp. (US$15).

From 1607 to 1622, the Virginia Company transports 10, Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions 000 people to Virginia, and only about 20 percent of these manage to stay alive. Of Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions the first 100 colonists, fewer than 40 survive their first winter; in the winter of 16091610, 160 of the 220 colonists perish. The Jamestown colonists die (of malaria and other diseases, salt poisoning, and starvation) because of their colony’s poor location on a stagnant swamp. One woman is killed by her starving husband and subsequently eaten. To compound all of these tragedies, many of the colonists refuse to plant crops or work, insisting on searching for gold instead. John Smith does eventually force the colonists to plant food, but he returns to England in 1609. 1610 Thomas West, Lord De La Warr, takes charge of the Jamestown colony and forces colonists to work, assigning each one a specific task with a work schedule. 1611 Sir Thomas Gates and Sir Thomas Dale are appointed to lead Jamestown, and Dale, drawing on both civil and military law, establishes a code of laws that will become the Lawes Divine, Morall, and Martiall. Though Virginia colonists die at a slightly slower pace, the company continues to lose money. 1613 Tension between the Powhatan people and the English subsides after Samuel Argall takes Pocahontas hostage.

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