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One of the most authoritative texts was the Tractatus de ratione Paschae, attributed by one recension to Athanasius and more commonly to Martin of Braga, but really the work of an anonymous 5th-c. Iberian computist see CPL 2302 with a considerable capacity for theological reflection; probably inspired by it are the false Acts of the Council of Caesarea, also known as Epistula Synodica, attributed to Theophilus of Caesarea, composed between the 2nd half of the 6th c. and the early 7th, probably in Britain, but perhaps in Spain or Africa; Bede De temporum ratione, 47: see CPL 2307 cites them as an authoritative source. Of Celtic origin are ps.-Anatolius’s De ratione Paschae CPL 2303, the Disputatio de ratione paschali attributed to Bishop Morinus of Alexandria CPL 2306 and two Epistolae attributed to Cyril of Alexandria CPL 2304-2305.

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To be a vineyard-designated wine, a minimum of Vancouver Subway Map 95 percent of the grapes must have come from the vineyard named. Any wine with an alcohol Vancouver Subway Map content of more than 14 percent must carry this information. Wines designated as table wine, with 7 to 14 percent alcohol content, are not required to state such information. American-made wine that contains sulfites must say so on the front or back label. Sulfur dioxide is a natural by-product of winemaking. Some wineries also add sulfites as a preservative.

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