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Early 5th-c. theologian. It is unknown whether he was a layman, priest or monk. Probably from Tarraconensis or S Gaul. He settled in the Baleari islands where, in close connection with Augustine and Patroclus of Arles, he wrote on the Trinity and against Priscillianists, Pelagians and Jews, in addition to his letters. Our principal source on Consentius are the letters to which Augustine replies, in 410, on the relation between the two natures in Christ and between the three divine persons Cons. in Aug. Ep. 119, 1-5, and in 419420 on the body of the glorified Christ and on what our body will be like in the resurrection Aug. Ep. 205. Consentius also went to Hippo to meet Augustine but was unable to because the latter was away for health reasons Aug. Ep. 119,1. Augustine, informed by Consentius of the theories of Dictinius whom he had known through Fronto dedicated Contra Mendacium to Consentius 420. We have three letters of Consentius 420: one PL 33, 449-462; CSEL 34, 698-722 is on trinitarian-christological questions.

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1679 Anthony Ashley Cooper, first Earl of Shaftesbury, and Seoul Subway Map the Lords of Trade punish Massachusetts’s charter violations by removing New Hampshire from Massachusetts’s Seoul Subway Map control and establishing it as a separate royal colony with its own government. The leaders of New Hampshire take advantage of a loophole to appoint many of the men who have ruled New Hampshire while it was under the influence of Massachusetts. 1680 The English population of New Hampshire stands at approximately 2,000. Most of these people are involved in agriculture and animal husbandry, both for use in New Hampshire and for export. New Hampshire, in particular, has become known for its forest products, and a lively trade has developed between Portsmouth and Dover and the West Indies.

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