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Hello guys today, I’m going to be showing you in this post my last one, and a half-ish days in like Jo one of my favorite things that I did, and this post that you can see is I went to a talent that was almost a thousand years old I believe, and we were able to just walk around, and wander into all of these semi abandoned buildings that were from.

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So many centuries ago, and just walk around. Because tourists don’t go there it’s not a tourist location at all there’s a lot of little virgins like this scattered throughout the mountain. So we went to three of em let’s get to the post going to see what is at this place. Because that’s Jason’s dad’s office building for some reason he has a model of a rocket that’s a scale exact scale of what it would look like in real life it well if it was a real one, and he has a dragon turtle something dragon turtle with the mountains in the distance all the red flags, and then over here is the rocket you I am at the Kenya tunnel part of the canal system there’s actually a canal up there that we’re going to go up to. So amazing this is the type of photography that they’re advertising here that you can get my question is I don’t know like I have a lot of questions here this is such a cool place why would you need one I don’t know I don’t know I do it walking in town right now in search of some food. But really on this menu is absolutely hilarious after doing this I think that this is my favorite area of the hotel, and right now, I’m going to write, and have some coffee obviously it’s the perfect spot for that okay got all the stuff I didn’t bring much stuff. But, I’m not coming back to the hotel we’re going out to see the town, and then I pretty much have to do the drive to that Airport.

So my hotel room morning having a Chinese breakfast at the hotel, and there’s so many different types of food maybe, I’ll look it’s so good alright. So this time we’re going to take a lesson here with you friend oh no I need the half million dollar box oh no, I’m sorry now the housing voters are by hotel bye that was a joke by the way for all of you guys. But don’t understand Sarkis what right now we are in the Queens Village in Chinese Hong hole this place is not actually a touristy place at all. But it is incredible here just full of stone buildings I am in the courtyard of a former Queen of the Ming Dynasty, and she has a pretty cool story her dream, and ambition was to eventually become queen, and everyone laughed at her for this. Because she was not traditionally beautiful, and her body didn’t really fit into the standards of beauty at the time back then the women that were selected to go to the capital, and become queens were always very beautiful. So everyone laughed at her for this. But eventually she actually did become queen this was originally her house all of these buildings were hers this is amazing, I’m literally walking next to the house of a former Queen, and it’s still here it’s where they used to make flour I’ve been in places like this before where you know it’s very historic old town.

But normally these places are touristy, and you’re obviously not allowed to just wander into these buildings. But again here is pretty much undiscovered, and we’re just walking around the town, and the locals are fine with us going in wherever we want you can just walk in to these places, and there’s all these not even ruined. But I guess just buildings that are a bit, and now, I’m here you see yourself yeah, I’m nah the dialect here is a different form of Chinese, and actually Jason can’t really understand what they’re saying this is some of the farmland surrounding the village, and they have all of these stone walls terraced that they used I go to another area of the village now the stones that you walk on are actually all very worn down. Because there’s so many centuries of people walking on them I guess, and they’re actually a little bit slippery this town is kind of semi abandoned people still live here. But most of the buildings are not in use they’re very early the town just goes on like this with. So many buildings, and pathways, and they’re all quite random kind of twisting around the mountains here’s another little road there’s so many, and I want to explore them all this part of the town that, I’m on now is literally carved into the mountain these stairs are insane receipts volunteers driving along to another part of that will town up these really twisting clearly twisting mountain roads and, I’m actually on the way we become a local woman who was going to have to make this whole block on foot. So now we’re giving her a ride is so steep on the town now we’re going to walk around a little bit I mean a bunch of food I don’t think we can actually eat all fit home it’s so nice of them, and they just made it for us right now, and give us tea here already eaten it. So it’s not. So pretty anymore. But this food is amazing this is an egg drop soup vegetable this dish is my favorite sir fried chicken, and peppers, and peanuts in this savory sauce, and I just can’t stop eating it, and then we have some mushrooms, and sauce, and over here this is a sort of plant that makes the tea, and it’s supposed to be very good for you just finished our lovely lunch here, and now we’re just pretty much driving to be here for it exchanging for being the tour guide as a translator, and everything I just totally guys just say something about this. Because Jason, and I were just talking basically he has a nonprofit organization that he has started where it allows people to travel to China for completely free they start. Because well my friends want to travel China. But couldn’t really afford it the airfare is expensive.

So I basically connect her with school space in Beijing, and the school pays for the trap. So basically you should get to travel China for free off of things that you have some teach English for like a free travel yeah yeah, and I know Jason. So I know that this is real, and a reputable thank you thanks stammer here I just thought maybe some of you guys would be interested why don’t you all start anything why would I. Because you want to drive it around no drive it what if I ruin a half a million dollar car no you’re not gonna ruin it it’s just driving a hottie build another car. So talk to get into bass actually Nathan convinced me to do it I decide be careful it’s gonna freaking like no no no no no no no no don’t got spike that’s likely how about it’s not poison I know what it is it’s a mom I know is she’s, I’m scared of Mothe know how many guys enjoyed my post today, and the rest of the posts that I made in ling-cho absolutely loves being there awesome place I guess I will now have a little chat with you guys first of all I didn’t post this part I wish I would’ve. But when I was leaving wing Jo first of all I have to make a two-hour drive to the Han dong Airport which is a very small airport. So while, I’m waiting line there were these two ladies sing behind me they’re about 50 every time I’ve even made eye contact with them, and like smile.

So I place my back with them, and then they were smiling so much, and petting my hair ages for being really friendly, and petty of the hair. So yeah like whatever okay, and they kept repeating to me what I think was the only English where they knew which was hallelujah which is kind of a strange word for them to know. So I don’t know they just kept saying like as they petted my hair like hallelujah hallelujah. So that was already a little you know walking to the plane, and the ladies ran a little bit ahead of me took off their jackets, and straight like waving their jackets in the air, and jumping off of the ground, and skipping, and dancing, and like hopping up, and down waiting their jackets, and looking at me, and smiling, and shouting hallelujah over, and over as they did there’s a dance just yeah good job two ladies in HoN Johnny Air Force you’re winning it life I don’t know exactly how. But you are also while you guys are you’re reading the post I do have some travel plans coming up I have a lot of travel plans right now that, I’m not sure. But the definite travel plans that I have are Tokyo just quick in the beginning of September, and then in October I will be traveling to Egypt for almost a month, and also some other places around there. So, I’m so excited about that, I’m wanting to go to Egypt for a long long time saying you guys have any Tokyo or Egypt recommendations, and I just just leave them in the comments or email me what have you email me by the way such a nice email all these things to see in Egypt, and it was so good I saved it, and everything, and it’s so useful oh thank you. But yeah that’s what, I’m planning, and that was my last of times in Ling Jo bye thanks for reading.

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