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From here it is 17 km (10 miles) to the holiday village of Aminne (25 chalets, camp site), at the mouth of the River GothemS.

Visby to Burgsvik (81 km 50 miles). Leave by the Soderport and Road 140. In 3 km (2 miles) a road goes off on the right to Kneippby and the Hogklint. 13 km (8 miles) farther on is Tofta church (13th c.), and the Tofta bathing station to the right ofthe road. 26 km (16 miles) from Visby we reach the little resort of Vastergarn, with a church which was originally the choir of a larger building. Kronholmen golf-course, on the sea. 7 km (4i miles): Klintehamn (Varvsholm guest-house, 70 KlintegSrdens Konditoriservering, 30 Gannarve Gasthem, 25 b.), a port and seaside resort. Motorboats ply from here past the island of Lilia Kartsb, inhabited only by sheep of the old Gotland breed, to the larger island of Stora Karlso (alt. 51 m 167 ft), 12 km (7 miles) SW, which is noted for its abundance of bird life (250 species recorded, including razorbills, peregrine falcons, eiders and guillemots) and its many rare plants (orchids). Numerous raukar and caves, the largest of which, the Stora Forvar, was occupied by man in Stone Age times. Both islands are nature reserves.

From Klintehamn continue either on Road 140, which runs nearer the coast via Frojel (12th c. church with an old wooden crucifix; to the N an old castle affording magnificent views) to Burgsvik (39 km 25 miles), or by the 9 km (5 mile) longer route on Road 141. 2 km (1i miles) along Road 141, on the right, is Klinte church (13th c.). 20 km (12 miles): Hemse, once a considerable trading town, with a Romanesque church (c. 1200; 14th and 15th c. paintings). From here continue S of Road 142, which comes from Visby. In 2 km (1i miles) is seen Smiss Slott, an old fortified castle. Then another 10 km (6 miles) to the fine church of Grotlingbo (1340), with well-preserved medieval stained glass; the pulpit was originally made for Visby Cathedral. 12 km (7miles): Burgsvik, a port and holiday resort on the S side of the inlet of the same name (Bjorklunda guest-house, 80 16 chalets; Holmhal-lar guest-house, 100 b.). 2 km (11 miles) E is Oja church (13th c.), with a very fine triumphal crucifix dating from the second half of the 13th c.

From Burgsvik a road runs S, past the old southern Gotland farm of Bot-tarvegSrden (5 km 3 miles), now a museum, and Vamlingbo church to the hill of Hoburgen (37 m (121 ft): lighthouse), at the southern tip of the island.

Curious cliff formations (four castles), and the impressive rauk known as Hoburgsgubben (4 5 m (1 5 ft) high); old quarries and caves. An alternative route to Hoburgen is on a narrow road which turns right off the main road 9-5 km (6 miles) S of Burgsvik for Gervalds, continuing close to the coast, through ruggedly beautiful cliff scenery, to Hoburgen. Abandoned quarries. 13 km (8 miles) SE of Burgsvik is Holmhallar, with imposing raukar. On the beach are old stone fishermen’s cottages. 400 m (i mile) offshore lies the island of Helighol-men, with a Silver Cave which is the subject of many legends.

Situated on the SE coast of Gotland (48 km (30 miles) SE of Visby) and second only to Visby in its attraction to visitors, is the port and seaside resort of Ljugarn (Lovangen guest-house, 75 Ljugarns Badpensionat, 50 Vitvar holiday village, 22 chalets; youth hostel; camp site), with a small Customs Museum. 2-5 km (1 miles) NEaretherawfe-, extending for some 500 m (550 yds), of Folhammar. 7-5 km (5 miles) SW of Ljugarn stands Garde church (11th c.), with wall paintings in Byzantine style, and 4 km (2i miles) SE, on Lau Hill, we find a fine 13th c. church.-at Guff ride, 6 km (4 miles) S of Ljugarn, are Bronze Age stone-settings in the form of ships, the largest on Gotland. 1 6 km (10 miles) NW by way of Ala sKraklingbo, with a 14th c. church. Some 4-5 km (3 miles) S, in forest country, is the Torsburg, the oldest prehistoric fortified settlement on Gotland, probably dating from the 5th c. It occupies a steep-sided limestone crag (68 m 223 ft), with a wall 1-5 km (1 mile) long and 4-7 m (13-23 ft) high along the S side; lookout tower.

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