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Greece is the cradle of Western civilization Turkey’s capital Istanbul where east meets west, and the Cyclades island group of the Aegean Sea in the dawn of Europe these people witnessed, and integrated the first light of three continents Europe Asia, and Africa.

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This is our first time in Greece, and and, it’s absolutely heaven on earth, it’s beautiful scene was here, and experiencing it whatever the island has to offer. I’m willing to embrace it. I’m I’m really overcome by the beauty this place, and other people on this journey by water land, and air what connection to those long ago moments will you make Nexxus is the most fertile island of the Cyclades island group with a good supply of water in a region where water is sparse consequently agriculture plays an important role in the nexus economy, and the island is the most self-sufficient of the Cyclades.

This is C squeal has a huge root like a big onion. Because you know the richness of the Rao Daniel like root will bring happiness, and goodness you know good for the Laura is fabulous she’s. So knowledgeable kind, and attentive.

I love sharing history, and the modern-day issues with our travelers really has helped a lot in terms of explaining the country to us, and giving some information, and this whole different world that. I never do up these rhymes, and at night walk along hand would show you me, and you get strength from the from Saint Nick. So, it’s been wise to our journey in Paradise it just is.

So lush in every way, and historically, it’s very rich, it’s also very powerful just being in a place where with the history to begin with where. So much has happened that’s affected of the way we think, and the way we run our lives, and the West the Aegean Sea could well be considered a bay within the eastern Mediterranean both the continental shores surrounding the Aegean Sea, and the protective Island shores within it sheltered the voyages of ancient seamen here making them safer. I like the experience of being a ship for a while walking hiking on land for a while.

I like the ambiance. I think is a great ship love the crew love the experience they take care of us just great could have done this on a tour with big cruise ships we just have really gotten close to the the countryside, and the community very enjoyable what. I’m particularly looking forward to is this afternoon after this hike we’re going to get some free time here, and knocks us to explore on our own for the gods you the people that.

We’ve met the home dinners that. We’ve had just warm it was lots of fun they were. So hospitable oh.

I’m looking forward to meeting more. I would like to meet more people spend time just conversing with each other Oh everyone is having a wonderful time trying to learn. How to do this marvelous dance. I study Greek mythology in the seventh grade that was many many years ago in it come to life for me here experience the beauty, and history of ancient delphi see the towering rock formations on top of which are built famous monasteries of meteora.

I could use many many superlatives. I’ve run out of adjectives imagine walking the same path created at the dawn of our civilization whether you embark from Istanbul Turkey or Athens Greece see firsthand a treasure of the Aegean hi. I’m Laura.

I come from an island myself. I come from the northern part of Greece from the island of Corfu and I’m a program director for Grand Circle Cruise Lines for the past years now. I want to show the visitors of my country the untains Glee’s the authentic Greece then you have to place this marble they start you on a carrot you had to take it down these footpaths, and lo.

I love history. I love places of natural beauty what. I like best is creating new friendships, and with the best of feelings.

Because travelling is part of feeling, and knowing they will come, and light these shrines, and you get strength there from Saint Nick – driving past a village with the bus we stop the bus we enter the GUI town, and we went into the old Olive Press, and what the people experience was the locals, and loading the sacks with the olives, and putting them into the Olive Press in order to produce the olive oil the personal contact. This is what matters most we talk every night at the different iron we dock at the port they can have time to enjoy the taste the atmosphere of the places on their own, and see, and discover the real green. I would like to welcome you to Greece.

I would like you to experience me not only to it taste me not only to its morning please come, and join us. You’ll have an unforgettable time from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery.

You’ll fly from the u. s. to Athens Greece’s ancient capital from here we travel overland to Delphi before discovering the pinnacles of meteora after our exploration of the Greek mainland we commence our cruise flying the blue waters to fabled aisles like Mykonos Santorini, and Patmos then disembarking in Kusadasi Turkey we had inland to the ancient ruins of a thesis before flying to Istanbul for the final segment of our journey a miss journey. You’ll delve into European history, and culture on the Greek mainland.

You’ll visit the fantastical monasteries of meteora perched atop unusual rock pinnacles your ship will drop anchor at historic Patmos where. You’ll follow a cobblestone path to the fortress like monastery of st. John in Turkey in between sightseeing.

You’ll enjoy free time to seek treasure in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar a covered market boasting four thousand exotic stalls, and shops you.

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