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Both basilicas date from the first decades of the 6th c. After the destruction of Corinth by the earthquake of 550–551, on a small height near the agora, where the archaic Doric temple stood, rose a small three-aisled basilica basilica E with pastophory and polygonal apse. Modest, situated in a funerary area, it dates from the late 6th or early 7th c. Pallas, Corinthe, 108-109 and seems to have served the small community that survived the catastrophe of 550–551. On the Acrocorinth, in a very poor state, is a basilica with three aisles divided by columns, built on the site of the old temple of Aphrodite Blegen – Saillwell et al. 21-22, pl. II and dated to the 2nd half of the 6th c. In Corinth’s second port, Cenchraea on the Saronic gulf, were found a basilica and some underground funerary cells, at least one of which seems Christian Pallas, Investigations, 7-8. The church architecture of Corinth exercised an influence beyond the bounds of the province of Achaia.

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1519 Hernando Cortéz’s expedition arrives in Tenochtitlán, Mexico. 1520–1521 Aztec forces drive Cortéz and his Spaniards from Tenochtitlán. Guinea Subway Map Cortéz captures the city after a three-month siege. 1532–1533 The Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro leads 180 men in the conquest of the Inca Empire of Peru. 1540 Ignatius Loyola founds the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits will serve as the spiritual envoys of the Counter Reformation that will seek to destroy Protestantism and spread Roman Catholicism around the world. 1547 King Henry VIII of England dies, and Edward VI becomes king. 1553 King Edward VI dies, and Mary I becomes queen of England. During her brief reign, she attempts to undo the English Reformation. 1554 Mary I of England marries Philip II of Spain. 1557 The English lose control of the port of Calais in France early in the Anglo-French War of 1557–1559. 1558 Upon the death of Mary I, Elizabeth I succeeds to the throne of England.

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