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100 N. Tryon St. 704/331-0012, www.juliesclothing. com HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

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Trendy clothing, chunky jewelry, and colorful bangles are staples of this Uptown retailer. It’s a place to find great accessories for a night on the town (think bubble dresses, wooden bangles, and turquoise hobo bags), not a staid piece for a high-powered meeting. It’s a popular shopping destination (the shop in Founders Hall is one of five locations in North Carolina) and despite its upscale location, the prices are reasonable.

But the post encourag’d mee, by saying wee Hawaii places to stay should be well accommodated anon at mr. Devil’s, a few miles further. But Hawaii places to stay I questioned whether we ought to go to the Devil to be helpt out of affliction. However, like the rest of Deluded souls that post to ye Infernal denn, Wee made all posible speed to this Devil’s Habitation; where alliting, in full assurance of good accommodation, wee were going in. But meeting his two daughters, as I suposed twins, they so neerly resembled each other, both in features and habit, and look’t as old as the Divel himselfe, and quite as Ugly, We desired entertainm’t, but could hardly get a word out of ‘um, till with our Importunity, telling them our necesity, & c. they call’d the old Sophister, who was as sparing of his words as his daughters had bin, and no, or none, was the reply’s bee made us to our demands.

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