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There is no shortage of things to do in City, but the surrounding areas have a lot to offer, too. If you’re looking for ideas for day trips or weekend getaways, there are lots of options within a short drive of the Queen City. Winston-Salem, Blowing Rock, and Wilmington are among the most popular jaunts from City.

All three destinations are a short drive from City, but their landscapes could not be more different. Each town has its own unique character : Winston-Salem is a small town with big historic appeal. The entire town is built around Old Salem, a historic Moravian settlement with buildings and industriesthat date back centuries. Blowing Rock is a renowned mountain destination with equal numbers of art galleries and hiking trails. The shops along Main Street are a perfect example of the town’s two personalities : Within a single block, there are shops selling original works of art, mountain dulcimers, and hiking boots. Wilmington has a blend of historic charm and beautiful beaches. It’s possible to spend the morning hunting for Hollywood celebrities, the afternoon working on your tan, and the evening going on a ghost hunt. In each of these destinations you’ll find quaint little towns and open spaces sprinkled amongst big-city amenities and historic sights, and all offer unique lodgings, tons of restaurants, opportunities for recreation, and shopping galore.

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The Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault is in the south, Hialeah Subway Map beneath Port-au-Prince. In northern Haiti, the Septentrional-Oriental Fault also has Hialeah Subway Map caused numerous devastating earthquakes. Most seismologists (scientists who study earthquakes) believe that it was the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault that gave way to cause the January 12, 2010, rupture. In the area of the earthquake’s epicenter (center point), the fault had been locked in place for about 250 years. The entire fault system, however, had continued to slip. When it finally ruptured, the land snapped like a rubber band.

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