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Recycling and reusing is practically an art form in Hobart, influenced by economics, environmental concerns, creativity and an attitude of if it ain’t broke, resell it’. Even if it is broke, someone will likely fix it or transform it into something else. This admirable and sustainable way of living is the theory behind Resource Collectables, a one-stop shop of pre-loved and salvaged goods.

This two-level shop is part of the not-for-profit Resource Work Cooperative, which employs people to salvage goods from the McRobies Gully tip – unearthing countless retro, industrial and antique treasures to live on in your lounge room rather than die in landfill. The cooperative also saves material from suburban demolition sites and runs the excellent annual Art From Trash’ exhibition of recycled junk finds. But back to Resource Collectables, where things for sale are either rescued from the tip or donated.

It sells the Paris end’ of reusable goods (in contrast to the cooperative’s other outlet, the Resource Tip Shop, which is located at the tip’s coalface). You’ll find everything from homewares, clothes, books and records to vintage computer games, toys and antique tools. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The shop describes itself as somewhere between a second-hand store and a social-history museum Indeed, rather than buying some tacky new souvenir, why not get yourself a true-blue piece of Tasmaniana to take home? Great souvenir finds include old Tassie tea towels, applecrate labels and vintage postcards. And while hunting for treasures, you’ll also get a warm fuzzy feeling from supporting an amazing social and environmental enterprise.

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