Jorgensen’s Hostel, Romersg. 11 (33 13 81 86), 20min. from Kobenhavn H, lOmin. from Stroget, next to Israels PI. M: Norreport. Go right along Vendersg.; it’s on the left. Central location. 6-12 beds per room. Breakfast included. Sheets 30kr. Max. stay 5 nights. Lockout llam-3pm. Under-35 only. No reservations. Dorms 135kr.

Sleep-ln-Fact, Valdemarsg. 14 (33 79 67 79; From the main exit of Kobenhavn H, turn left on Vesterbrog. then left again on Valdemarstr. (lOmin.). Comfortable and clean rooms in a factory-turned-hostel. 30 beds per room. Bikes 50kr per day. Breakfast included. Sheets 30kr. Internet 5kr for first 5min. 20kr per 30min. thereafter. Reception daily 6am-3am. Open late June-Aug. Dorms 120kr.

Sieep-ln Heaven, Struenseg. 7 (35 35 46 48;, in Norre-bro. M: Forum. From Kobenhavn H, take bus #250S two stops (dir.: Buddinge; every lOmin.) to H.C. 0rsteds Vej. 30-86 beds per room. Lively social atmosphere. Close to nightlife. Breakfast 40kr. Free lockers. Sheets 30kr. Internet 20kr per30min. Reception 24hr. Under-35 only. Dorms llOkr; doubles 450kr.

Sleep-ln, Blegdamsvej 132 (35 26 50 59). From Kobenhavn H, take bus #1A (dir.: Hellerup; 15min. every 5-7min.) to Trianglen and walk down Blegdamsvej. Popular hostel in a huge warehouse. Near lively 0sterbro and Norrebro nightlife. Kitchen available. Sheets 30kr. Internet 6kr per 15min. Reception 24hr. Lockout noon-4pm. Open June 28-Aug. No reservations. Dorms 90kr.

Vesterbros KFUM (YMCA), Valdemarsg. 15 ( 33 31 15 74). Across the street from Sleep-ln-Fact (see above). Friendly staff, homey atmosphere, and fewer beds per room come at the cost of an early curfew. Breakfast 25kr. Kitchen available. Sheets 15kr. Reception daily 8:30-11:30am, 3:30-5:30pm, and 8pm-12:30am. Curfew 12:30am. Open late June-early Aug. Dorms 85kr.

Sleep-ln Green, Ravnsborgg. 18, Baghuset (35 37 77 77). M: Norreport. From there, take bus #5A. The lackluster exterior belies clean rooms inside this eco-friendly hostel. 30 beds per room. Internet 20kr per 30min. Organic breakfast 30kr. Sheets included; pillow and blanket 30kr. Reception 24hr. Open early May-Sept. Dorms 95kr.

Ajax, Bavnehoj Alle 30 (33 21 24 56). From Kobenhavn H, take bus #10 (dir.: CF Richvej) to Bavnehoj Alle. Or, take the S-train to Sydhavn, walk north on Enghavevej with the train tracks on your right, and turn left on Bavnehoj Alle. Pleasantly off the beaten track. The rental tents may be the best deal in town. Breakfast 25kr. Kitchen available. Sheets 20kr. Internet 15kr for first 30min. 25kr per hr. Reception daily 8am-midnight. Open July to mid-Aug. Dorms 70kr; singles and doubles 200kr; triples 300kr; quads 350kr. Camping 50kr; tent rental lOkr. O

Kebenhavn Vandrerhjem Bellahej (HI), Herbergvejen 8 (38 28 97 15; www.danhostel.dkbellahoej), in Bellahoj. Take bus #2A (dir.; Tingbjerg; 15min. every

5-10min.) to Fuglsang Alle. Turn right onto Fuglsang Alle; it’s on the right after 50m. Quiet, clean, and modern hostel 5km from the city center. Breakfast 45kr. Sheets 35kr. Laundry 35kr. Internet lkr per min. Reception 24hr. Lockout 10am-2pm. Open Feb.-Dee. Dorms 95kr; doubles 300kr; triples 390kr; quads 460kr; 5-person rooms 475kr; six-person rooms 570kr. Nonmembers add 30kr.

City Public Hostel, Absalonsg. 8 (33 31 20 70;, in the Vesterbro Youth Center. Proximity to the city center its best feature. 30 beds per room. From the station, walk away from the RSdhuspl. on Vesterbrog. and turn left on Absalonsg. Kitchen and lounge. Breakfast 20kr. Sheets 30kr. Reception 24hr. Open early May-late Aug. Dorms 130kr.

Kobenhavn Vandrerhjem Amager (HI), Vejlandsalle 200 (32 52 29 08). M: Bella Center. Ignore the signs and just look for the 2 white flags. Far from civilization in a huge nature reserve. 6 beds per room. Breakfast 45kr. Kitchen available. Sheets 35kr. Laundry 25kr. Lockers 25kr. Reception 7am-lam. Check-in l-5pm. Open mid-Jan. to Nov. Dorms 95kr; singles and doubles 300kr. Nonmembers add 30kr.


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