How to get Cinematic Shots for SMOOTH EPIC TRAVEL

Hi everybody my name is Stephen, and welcome to fly in the nest in today’s tech review we’re going to be looking at how you can get smooth cinematic footage for your travel posts. So the big question that everybody asks when creating travel content is how do I get my content to look better how can I make more cinematic travel posts let me just quickly stop those questions. Because the first thing I say to everyone that is using buying more equipment as an excuse from stopping them from creating content I say no get out there create content review it, and then improve it, and then once you’re consistently making content then look at improving your gear.

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But if you’re consistently making content, and you’re wanting to improve it there are numerous ways to get more cinematic footage of course the first thing, and the easiest thing is to make sure you have movement in your shots, and to ensure that those moving shots are nice, and smooth even with arguably one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market at the moment for getting smooth footage the sony a7s tube has inbuilt image stabilization you’re still not going to get professional a great footage straight out of the camera, and that’s when an electronic gimbal comes in. So my last 12 day trip to Europe I decided to pick up an electronic gimbal now this is the first time I’ve decided to pick one up. Because I’ve been waiting for the gimbal tech to improve in both battery life convenience, and weight, and I think 2018 was the perfect year for improving all of those three things of course there is always a payoff when it comes to photography, and postgraphy especially when you are traveling I would love to travel with the world’s best, and heaviest camera around the world getting insane shots. But of course realistically you’re not going to be walking around with a heavy camera on your back, and trying to enjoy your holiday while trying to get shot that’s the reason why I travel with the Mavic Pro drone instead of a phantom 4 yes the phantom 4 can give better footage. But the Mavic Pro can literally chuck it in a backpack with this stabilizer. So there is always a payoff when it comes to quality. So put this device to the test over our 12 day trip to Europe.

But I’d do an unboxing in a very dimly lit room, I’m so sorry. But, I’m gonna cut to that footage. So you can see what you get in the package if you decide to pick this up I decided to pick up the vo-tech fire tech I hope, I’m saying that correct the a 2000 model. So this is a gimbal it’s a handheld electronic cable this loking up to two kilogram I haven’t singing this yet it comes with the super handy travel bag this is the actual handheld gimbal it does have a joystick right here as well as your power button. So you can control the movement of the camera which of course, I’ll be focusing on in the review. Because I decided to get the premium version this comes with the the dual handle grips of course this is gonna take your stabilizer to the next level. Because you’re gonna have more possibility to keep smooth footage next up you have the actual gimbal itself.

So that’s this bit here just here it’s not too heavy. So when you’re traveling that’s actually quite compact to just take this round it’s not a lot a lot of people thinking with gimble’s that it’s gonna take up a lot of space. But looking at that it’s not even heavy it doesn’t even take up a lot of space quick release plate they’ve included a nice handy battery recharger here it has a little tripod for you such an insignificant piece of equipment. But to be honest super significant. Because just say you’re using the gimbal, and you want to get a time-lapse oh you want to put down to get a shot rather than taking off, and putting it onto a tripod you just attach this little thing right here, and you’re good to go. But that is the set, I’m very excited to go, and test this out for you guys now of course, I’m currently in Perth which isn’t the most exciting place to go, and show off the gimbal. So I think we need to go on a little cheeky trip.

So I can show off looking before you guys all right we just set up the gimbal as you can see here, and come to a much cooler location welcome to Ljubljana in Slovenia. So I hope you enjoyed that look at all the different shots, and modes that you can use with the fade take a 2000. So here’s my thoughts on this device. So you’re probably wondering what my thoughts are on the dual handle grip I didn’t use it, and that’s all you probably need to know about that additional add-on when I was traveling on this 12-day trip it was very fast paced we’re doing a lot of things visiting four countries in 12 days I just didn’t have the time to properly set it up, and experience it honestly it’s a fantastic device. But I just can’t see me using it in the future. Because it’s going to take up a lot more space in my luggage, and also it’s an additional step when setting it up. But if you’re using it for any other thing I would highly recommend you pick up the jeweler handle grip.

Because you are gonna get a better cinematic shots with it. But it’s just not fitting into my style of shooting at the moment. So before I discuss the quality of the device I want to chat about my first of three points one is a convenient to take around with me it is actually super convenient as you have a look here here’s the device with the camera on it, and it’s two pieces you can just undo the grip just here, and voila it is into two pieces this device just here also folds up when it’s not on the camera, and this can easily go into the same backpack that magmatic pro is stored in some able to take two devices around with me to get the shots that I require. So my second point is weight this device comes under a kilogram. So it’s not too heavy take around with you, and when, I’m holding it with the camera walking around, I’m probably using it for 30 seconds to one minute max getting my shots. Because, I’m only gonna be using it to get those cinematic shots whilst, I’m traveling when, I’m postging, I’m probably gonna take it off the device. So in terms of weight it’s definitely not too bad.

So in terms of battery life that you take does. So you get about 6 hours out of this device I was using it in freezing cold situations it was like negative 5. So anything that the lithium batteries is not gonna last that long. So I have to put this to the test to see how long I will get out of it I’ve checked some other reviews online everyone seems to get between 5 to 6 hours out of the device that’s a full day of shooting when you’re out traveling. So I think you shouldn’t worry. But if you do pick up some extra batteries that can extend your battery life throughout the day. So let’s talk about this device as you can see from the test footage there are a lot of modes you can do including panning, and lock this includes holding down this back button here which allows you to lock the camera in place allowing you to achieve those straight cinematic shot also I found this neat little mode on this device especially for loggers who decide to talk to the camera.

So just say you’re posting the environment you’re getting some cinematic shots, and you want to start describing to the camera what you are seeing you can triple tap the function button, and it will flip around, and you can start talking to the camera I really enjoy that addition. Because it saves you a lot of time when you’re out there, and traveling you don’t need adjust the device to start talking to it it really adapts the user which I love, and speaking of convenience even though the joystick is handy sometimes you just really want to just put the device into the shot that you want to use, and you can do that just say you want to post some buildings you can just adjust the device hold it for a few seconds, and will lock into place, and then you can just start getting your shot I really like that addition, and it certainly helped when I was out on the streets in Slovenia, and I wanted to get some different angles for my post. So once he’s done pointing up you want the shot now this is the first gimbal that I’ve ever had. So I can’t really compare it to its competitors. But in terms of the gimbal itself, I’m loving it, I’m very happy with the shots that I’ve been getting it’s definitely going to be added to my packing list for future upcoming trips, I’m just loving the additional smooth cinematic shots that I can add to my posts now this device is about 450 us-iran B&H photo for the pistol grip setup that you see here obviously I think that is quite reasonable, and especially if you comparing it to some of the other gimbals out there on the market. So you’re looking for an entry-level we wanting you to just get started like I do, I’m definitely giving it the thumbs up I didn’t have the best test environment for this gimbal we had the beast from the east come through in Europe. So we’re gray drab skies our entire time it couldn’t really wake up at sunrise yet those smooth cinematic shots with the Sun glaring through.

So we do have an upcoming trip where I hope we do have better weather. So make sure you hit comment if you are new around here you can see what type of footage, I’m gonna be getting in upcoming posts of course if you do have any more questions about the gimbal, I’ll try my best to answer them. So leave a comment below. But I hope you guys enjoyed that tech review if you want me to continue doing them make sure you leave a comment below if there’s also anything else you want me to talk about for example how to get better quality sound let me know below, and I always start putting another post together for you. But thanks so much for reading if you are new around here make sure you can comment, and we’ll see you guys next time little.

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