How to Travel in Italy

Hey still from nice today is so exciting. Because I am going to Italy the Italian border is very close to the South of France. So you can just take a train there in about 30 minutes, I’m going to a town called Ventimiglia, I’m so excited it’ll be my first time in Italy, and yeah. So leaving to go explore there no on the train right now though I got to Italy it’s so amazing to suddenly be in another country, and be in Italy for the first time. So beautiful, I’m out on the rock Peter they make kind of a very loud noise the waves rushing in, and out, and really powerful waves crashing done by the Beast just now I was going by the water to fill them, and take some photos, and the wave came in, and my my shoes got completely soaked they’re full of water now my socks are all wet, and it’s cold.

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But we’ll try to keep walking around. So I actually do not know anything about Ventimiglia as a town really just kind of wandering around, I’m not sure. But in the downtown area or what. But there’s some pretty views, and food costs you see there quite unpleasant walking around in wet shoes it’s something that I would the credit bound. So pretty. So it is quite pretty here very very small most of the streets are quite narrow, and winding, and steep set on the hillside. But I think I will head back now I haven’t been here that long.

But I think, I’m gonna go back now. Because it’s quite empty here there not that many people and, I’m just not sure house is safe it is so I’d rather be careful, and just go back. So I think, I’m gonna hold off the back right now also of course my shoes are red.

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