Nanchong Metro Map

The Chinese like to say that Stein was the worst of Nanchong Metro Map the pillaging archaeologists who stripped China of so much of her heritage at the beginning of this Nanchong Metro Map century, but I think that is not entirely just, considering the money he paid for it was used for the essential preservation of the caves. The chains of caves leading backwards into the cliff were dark and cool, the air smelt musty.

Outside was hot and glaring bright, and the air was raining sand. As the wind gusted over the dunes on the cliff top, it fell in a gritty waterfall on the heads of people below. I’d washed my hair the previous evening, and now whenever I shook my head, sand ran down the back of my neck. At lunchtime Ellen and I realised we had missed the bus back to town so we went to a local hotel where”Chinese people are allowed to stay.

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