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Hey it is very early and, I’m still in Madrid. But it is my last last of times here, and I am headed off to Porto Portugal this morning I kind of stayed up way too late last night I am I was just editing, and reading, and then I looked at the time, and it was past 3:00 a.m. and I had to be up at 4:00 a.m. I pushed it back to like 4:30. But yeah I’ve had about an hour a little over an hour’s sleep.

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So yeah I feel fine now. But, I’m sure I feel tired later. But yeah I just packed up, and getting ready to go, and looking forward to seeing Portugal yes successfully navigated the European metro lines, and found my way to the airport, and just having some coffee, and waiting for my sight at about an hour kind of taking crash course in Portuguese here at the airport while I wait for my flight my plates only an hour and, I’m in the metro station waiting to take the train into the center of the city to get my Airbnb that, I’m staying hello. So I’ve gotten into Porto I haven’t seen much of the city. But of what I have seen. So far I absolutely love it, and it’s absolutely gorgeous however I did not have a very easy time getting here easy would be the last word I would use to describe it. So first of all my flight was delayed it was late it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

But had someone waiting on me the person for the air B&B, and I didn’t have internet. So that was a little you know stressful, and then the real problems began when I took the metro I think I was on the metro for what should have been like a simple 30-minute trip I think it was on it for about three hours. Because the trains there was something wrong with like where I needed to go, and it was raining out. So I couldn’t walk. Because of all my camera equipment I would get on the train, and it was headed in the direction I need to go, and it would get to like the stop before I needed to get off, and then this guy would come out, and say something in Portuguese, and apparently the train would turn back around the other direction, and they’d say oh no you’re going the wrong way now get off cross over, and they make you pay every time you did that. So I the train ended up switching directions like right before I was supposed to get off right before I my station three times. So, and that apparently happened to everyone, and everyone was really super frustrated.

So I had actually ran out of cash I only had my card which they do not take. Because of having to pay again, and again, and cross over again again. So apparently that happened to everyone, and they were like oh okay just for you I can be free. Because of the inconvenience. So they told us where to go again she’s over for the third time, and we were waiting, and waiting, and it was this huge crowd of people that this had happened to when everyone was kind of like complaining he’s in a bad mood, and then after we waited for. So long for the Train they came down, and said that it’s canceled, and there’s no trains going to that direction at all. So yeah I had to walk in the pouring rain, and Tom Ben I can personally attest to the fact that your backpacks are waterproof it was something that I didn’t really want to test out with my laptop, and all my camera equipment in the bag.

But yeah they are in case anyone is wondering the Airbnb that, I’m in is so it’s really small it’s a studio. But it’s so gorgeous I love it so much let me show you. So this is it there’s like a nice bathroom, and shower hello, and it’s the bed, and you look out the window you see the street down there okay. So it is finally stopped raining which means I can go out a little bit, and I actually know the perfect place to go it’s very famous it’s definitely a perfect place to come on a rainy day, and it’s actually even more beautiful than I’ve seen just got back on the way back it started absolutely pouring I mean there was no way that I could keep walking around, and exploring tonight. So I guess it’s just gonna have to happen tomorrow there were actually waves on the sidewalk like waves of water. So yeah, I’m sorry that this hasn’t been the most exciting day.

But I will be exploring Porto a lot more tomorrow.

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