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Getting up early is a little bit painful, but right now it’s totally worth it cause I’m here at Chichen Itza. Okay what you’re going to see on Chichen Itza is gonna be one of the most important temples in the Mayan civilization.

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In the tour you will see that this tour operates with archeological people. Everything is gonna be based on research and stuff that we can prove.

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We’re not clapping cause we’re excited and we’re cheering for somebody, we’re clapping because the acoustics here are absolutely incredible and it depends on where you clap, which corner of the pyramid, it’s a completely different sound. You know what really blows me away is that this wall is perfectly put up. It’s like a wall you’d see in landscaping in the United States but this was made hundreds of years ago and they didn’t have the same tools that we have today.

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Blows my mind. So one of the cool things about being here early is that you miss the throngs of tourists. I pretty much have the whole place by myself and it’s really fun to walk around and put yourself back in time. At the height of the civilization, there were 20,000 people here and it’s fun to fantasize about what it must have looked like. My time here at Chichen Itza has been incredible.

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I got here early, I saw the sun rise, I beat the crowds, and now I’m going home with a huge smile on my face.

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