Huntington Theater Company US Map & Phone & Address

290 Huntington Ave. Boston; (617) 266-0800 One of Boston’s premier theaters, the Huntington regularly features well-known actors (not to mention very talented ones you may not know), Tony Award-winning directors, and elaborate costumes and scenery.

Their season comprises five shows, ranging from modem dramas and musical comedies to Shakespeare or Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Some plays are done in conjunction with repertory companies from all over the country.

At 890 seats, the Huntington offers good viewing for a major theater even from the balcony or back rows. A good thing, because these seats only cost $12. Senior citizens get $5 taken off that price; same deal for students, who can also vie for rush tickets: Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, these tix sell for $10 but they must be bought at the box office on the day of the show.

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