Hey guys we are in Washington DC which is very exciting we’re here for four days wait three more days now cuz yesterday was kind of a ride off. Because we ended up not getting into Washington to a 5:00 p.m. So we couldn’t explore yesterday. But we’re going to explore today first I want to say, I’m excuse my attire my very creased attire we have run out of clothes this is my last top, and there’s no iron in this Airbnb which kind of sucks morning guys, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a line like Nesquik green short shorts on, and a used t-shirt, and oh don’t worry we are doing the washing as we speak anyway this morning the first thing we’re going to do is go down to trader juries which is just down the road to get some groceries for the week, and then we’re going to head out, and check out the Smithsonian museums we’re about a hour walk away 40 minute walk away from the White House. So we’ll pasture all the way it has been raining today. So we’ll see how that goes. But I definitely want to walk. Because I want to see all the area back home is funny. Because the suburb Oyen is called what’s a quarter we’re at Foggy Bottom anyway alright let’s go to trade shows not the Keaney forum alright guys we have got our groceries put it away had breakfast, and now we are heading out, and we’re gonna walk all the way to the white house first.


So we did come to Washington like back in 2009 I think and. Because we haven’t been to Europe yet this place we found was beautiful. Because we haven’t seen like really any old architecture. Because like Australia isn’t very very old country. So that’s why we come back yeah. Because once we get closer towards the city I guess all these old buildings, and they’re just beautifully kept like in pristine condition. So that’s why we’re excited to show you guys.

Because a lot of people don’t think to come to Washington these. Because you know or you see his monuments, and museums. But the city itself is it’s like really beautiful. So we’re excited to show you to admit it to the white house guys I can’t go too close cause, I’m nosebleed be having security yeah. But it’s not a corner we’re just here I think at the front side of her. But I think we’re gonna walk to the back side you can get like a foolish shot of it. Because there’s a part that you can walk through just put a snapchat out um I think it’s pretty cool it’s just gonna go say hello to our buddy Obama it’s expecting us for height yeah this is definitely the better side cuz there’s not like a gates in front of the gate.

So you can actually get your camera through the through the fence. So you can get a better shot. So if you do head here go to the front, and then walk around to the back, and also I like this fountain, and yeah we just also like squirrels just popping along here they’re way bigger, and they have a different color I swear every time we come here something’s under construction last summer was the infinity mirror like pool this time at the Capitol building we just don’t have much luck when we travel in don’t worry guys time for another post of fun fact suggests, I’ll be sitting in for death is you don’t have a fun fact hello no a lot of people think that the Smithsonian is just one Museum. But it’s actually like collection of museums many museums. So the first one we’re gonna go to is the Air, and Space Museum, and then I think we want to go to the History Museum yeah if we have enough time it’s already three o’clock time it’s gone really fast today, and also this camera battery is about to run out. So we might have to switch the fire anyway let’s go Air, and Space Museum it’s kind of cool guys I’ve just got like all these real planes I don’t know how they do it. But it’s awesome it’s like the actual real planets this camera doesn’t do it any justice it’s real cool it’s real cool hi guys we’re now heading to the Natural History Museum Smithsonian Museum thing oh we were just in the space one I found it a little bit hard to post.

So hopefully we got like okay shots showing it off. But um it’s one of those things I feel like we you need to go to experience it yourself like we all just sit in a room, and watch like you know documentaries about the first landing on the moon, and then you go through, and you get to see all the like the actual space, I’m strong wall right there in front of you yeah. So it’s cool. Because you’ve watched the little posts, and then you get to see the actual artifacts which is cool. But now I go to the natural one. So, I’m guessing there’ll be lots of um animals stuff maybe dinosaurs which is usually our favorite part of museums the dinosaur section yeah. But they’re like the cool thing about this, and it is really hard to convey it is that it’s the original pieces that are there like it’s not just like.

Because they’re usually most of it is real stuff that’s really cool. So that’s what, I’m trying to come across is this it’s awesome as hard to show how awesome the awesomeness is, and this is I love it we found our favorite section alrighty guys it is now 5:30 we have been to two museums, and we’re going to we’re going to the American History Museum Wow we just spent hours at Museum museum day are out our camera just ran out of battery I hope you can hear me worth posting this on the big cannon camera yeah we’re going to the last museum which is the. So let’s go by your bed let me it was really weird talking. Because, I’m run, I’m yet. But we’re gonna quickly go to the grocery store to us. Because we forgot to buy marjorine, and then I don’t know what else are doin at home, and we’ve just charged up the cameras a bit and, I’m thinking we might have overdone it over the past few days. Because it’s been.

So so. So hot, and we’ve been walking heaps like how many kilometers did we do today almost twenty we’ve been walking so much like one day a week. But on 18 kilometres the other day, and I think we’ve been doing on average around 15 to 20 kilometres every day of walking, and it’s been. So hot. But now my legs that is covered in a big rush. Because I’ve got heat rash I’ve had it before. So I not heat rash, I’m just overdone it.

So I think tomorrow I need to try not let walk too much or go outside too much to her which kind of starts. But, I’m sure we’re still gonna do something cool anyway. So now that my camera’s charged I thought I’d show you what, I’m gonna make for dinner. So, I’m gonna make burgers, and all of the street guys cuz these patties are the best patties you’ve ever had, and they’re from Trader Joe’s the core vegetable masala, and they kind of taste like Indian they’re really really good, and then we’re gonna have tomato, and onion, and lettuce, and the burger patties, and we’ve also got garlic hummus to put in it which we love. So I think we’re gonna have a really good dinner. Because we only had breakfast today it’s gonna make that, and Stephen is going to edit some posts tonight yeah try, and catch up, I’m sure you’ll catch up especially if we take it easy tomorrow I would show you guys my legs for their really cars. So I know this should be there like the company in a big red rash all over them what do you think they what do you think of them Stephen yeah they’re like on fire no prickly we’ve already done it ellaby wrong uh-huh he had to, and I had to go in a cold shower stand there in a cold shower guys Jess isn’t feeling too good.

So drew is taking over the cooking, and we sent it to bed she’s a roughed-up how are you feeling, and her fingers are feeling numb when I rub them I think that she’s got the heat burn. But then she’s feeling cold, and we’re trying to rub her up at the same time it’s 13 I don’t know what else we’re gonna do for tonight. Because this one’s gonna get suppressed and, I’m gonna edit the post, and I’ve got a few business meetings to take. But if anything does happen, I’ll continue the blonde Barbie I don’t think it is thanks for reading guys yeah I think tomorrow is definitely gonna be again this one fixed our thanks for reading today guys all right thanks for reading guys we’ll see tomorrow bye.

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