Best 3 Day Travel Destinations In India

Best 3 Day Travel Destinations In India

Ephesus, located nearly 15 kilometres from Kusadasi, takes about 30 minutes by taxi at the official rate of 50 Turkish Lira per taxi. It was the second largest Roman city, after Rome itself; and, possessed the third largest library, the Library of Celsus.

It was because of Ephesus why the cruise ship docked at Kusadasi. And, I was not going to hang around that resort town and not go and see the Temple of Artemis which is renowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World; or, see the final dwelling place of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, situated on the Bulbul Mountain.

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I so vividly remember the car driving up the steep road; for, it was so scary. There was a huge drop off – it seemed like thousands of feet, on the left side going up; but, it was ever so scenic.

I am so very fortunate to have lived to double the pleasure; for, I was lucky to follow up with a second tour a few years later. Now, there are those who will say and maintain that luck had nothing to do with it; but, rather determination, planning and preparation which includes budgeting.

I might have missed the Basilica of St. John. I just can’t remember at this time. I am just so sorry that I did not chronicle my cruises and document my experiences. Sheer memory wanes with old age.

But, I did not miss the amphitheatre at Ephesus which some believe is its main attraction. I have a photo with me sitting and wearing a black floppy hat. The seating capacity is a whopping 25,000.

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