Interesting Countries to Visit When Doing a Nursing Degree

Dominican Republic

The beautiful Dominican Republic is a tropical island that has excellent food and a growing healthcare system. In the Dominican Republic, most medical services are paid for in cash, meaning that only the most fortunate have access to the best care. Some citizens end up having to wait to have vital medical services performed until they are able to save up enough money. Interestingly enough, many U.S. citizens travel to the Dominican Republic because they are able to get low cost plastic surgery, and most are satisfied with their results. You can learn much by visiting the Dominican Republic and talking to doctors about how they manage their practices.


Russia is home to some of the brightest and best medical professionals in the world, and yet many of their innovations aren’t adopted by other countries because of political differences. If you ever have the chance to visit Russia while pursuing an online accelerated nursing program, you will learn about how this country is working to change modern medicine in a positive way. Imagine what you will be able to take away from your experiences while visiting the large and impressive medical facilities in Russia.

Medical professionals in the U.S. are frequently recruited by international medical facilities for employment purposes because of their impressive credentials and practical experience. While you may never work as a nurse in international lands, visiting foreign countries in an effort to see how healthcare works in other places will absolutely give you an insight into how the community works at large. See how those who are less fortunate are able to take advantage of the clinics that are sprouting up in underserved communities, and lend a helping hand if you are able. You will feel fulfilled when you are able to put your medical expertise to good use in another country.

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