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City has none of the driving and parking hassles associated with big cities. You’re most apt to deal with traffic in Uptown. Even so, even during rush hour it never takes more than a few minutes to drive from one side of Uptown to the other.

In Uptown, the streets are organized in a grid pattern that makes navigating simple. Outside of the city center, the streets are a little more confusing. It’s not uncommon for streets with the same names to intersect each other. At intersections like that of Queens Road, Queens Road, and Queens Road, one wrong turn can take drivers in a new and unintended direction. Use a GPS, take a map, or stop and ask for directions if it’s unclear whether to turn left or right at the intersection of Sharon and Sharon.

It’s possible to find free parking spaces in most areas of City, including a few in Uptown. Street parking outside of Uptown is often free (though there might still be restrictions on how long you can park and during which hours parking is permitted; be sure to check the signs). In Uptown, the best bet for parking is at one of the paid parking lots. The website lists all of the parking lots in Uptown. The “parking search” feature allows you to enter a street address in Uptown and map the locations of nearby parking lots. In addition to paid parking lots, there are parking meters and smart meters located along the streets in Uptown. In the heart of Uptown, metered spaces cost $0.25 for each 15 minutes. Parking meters on the perimeter of Uptown cost $0.50 per hour. Meters are monitored Monday-Friday 7 A.M.-6 P.M. excluding holidays. Smart meters accept coins and debit/credit cards.

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ACCESS BY CAR: Alfriston is on a minor road between Jeddah Subway Map the A27 Lewes-Eastbourne road near Berwick and the A259 at Seaford. There are car parks Jeddah Subway Map in the village. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Limited bus service from Lewes and Eastbourne. Berwick, the nearest railway station, is over 2 miles from Alfriston. START AND FINISH: The green in front of Alfriston Parish Church. LENGTH: 9.

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