Judy Joos Ethnic Bites in London

Being a chef, people ask me where to eat all the time. I personally think that the ethnic bites in London are absolutely amazing. Indian food being great but, also I would have to say that Chinese food is probably my favorite in London, with Yauatcha, which is located in Soho being my most favorite for dim sum. I know friends who come from China who love Yauatcha and say it’s better than food in China. My last friends that I sent there nearly missed their flight because they did a Yauatcha run. Next would probably be for Japanese, a small little dye called Ohisama in Marylebone, which is my little village. It’s really small, it’s nothing fancy but it’s got the freshest, freshest fish. There are two guys that are running it. They used to work at Nobu for ages and so there are a lot of great flavors and a lot of interesting dishes and they have one thing called the chef special roll, which I always get because I just, it’s a surprise.

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They don’t tell you what it is and it’s a delight to have. It’s my little local. Next is a Japanese place on the noodle side because everybody loves noodles and it’s called Koya and it’s just for the freshest Japanese udon noodles. There are no reservations so you do have to queue up and they make all of their own noodles. They have communal tables but it really does feel like you’re in Tokyo and and you’re in one of those hot steaming places that has bubbling broths and noodles and it’s perfect for the wintertime and as you know in London it’s always raining and you always get the damp. Next on my list is another Chinese place called Royal China. Now, Royal China is a bit of an institution I would have to say where people line up outside for hours and hours and if you don’t get there early, forget it, you’re not going to get in for about two hours so I say go early or just or just be patient and it’s full of locals so it’s always a good sign if the Chinese restaurant is full of real Chinese people because then you know you’re getting the real deal and it’s absolutely authentic.

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