Do Kanchenjunga circuit trek in 16 days

The Kanchenjungacircuit trek is anoffbetean trek that can be done as a a tea house trek from Nepal side. , Mt. Kanchenjunga at (8686m) is the globe 3rd highest mountain in trekking in the area provides an infinite range of cultures, landscapes and wonderful views of the Himalayas. The name Kanchenjunga means “5 treasures of the great snow” which is in reference to 5 summits that build Kanchenjunga.

The Nepal area of the Kanchenjunga massif is divided into 2 sections: the isolated valleys that lie below the horseshoe-shaped southwest ridges and face, around Yalung, and the north face where the Base Camp for mountaineering group is placed.

Different species of birds can be watched in this place. Barking deer, Himalayan bears, and lesser panda can be found in this place. The big ethnic groups of this area are Chhetris and Brahmins in lower area while the territory is mostly of Limbu and Rai, are scattered settlements of Sherpas and Gurung are found in higher area. This area is also called as home of Limbus.

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Trekking in Kanchenjunga place is a remarkable walk through some amazing glaciers. A trek the north and south faces of the globe 3rd highest peak provides amazing mountain views, including Everest. Happens to be one of the amazing and remote areas in Nepal still lies shrouded in mystery. The trails climb from 1200 meters to 5180 meters above sea level. A unique trekking permit is needed as well as Camp trek is only accessible in this area.

The route begins by approaching the north side of Kanchenjunga where you view views of Tent Peak and there are no crowds and you will meet few other trekkers. Mostly trekking routes follow an isolated path that goes via rugged terrains into a peaceful & serene wilderness into remarkable village and pleasant domestic communities. You also get the chance to visit both south and north camps of Nepal side along with the breath-taking mountain areas. During your full trek you shall meet all domestic Tibetans. At the end of trek you shall dive the valley and return back to Suketar through Lalikharka for a flight to Kathmandu for your next day’s flight home.

This place is also re-opened recently which was closed for a time being now provides you a chance to explore the natural beauty of this area. The untouched landscape, the mesmerizing all around and the contrasting range that is occupied by this trail is the big point that trekkers blessed to experience. This breath taking mountain area provides one to pass through the wooded valleys and lush farmland too. One should come and grab the chance to view the close up views of this enchanting vistas and mountains around.

Trekkers should be adequate to walk and bodily fit for least six hours a day. For the majority of the year September to November and February to May are generally preferred as the perfect time for trekking in this sheltered place of Nepal.

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