Kata and Kata Noi Beaches Phuket

Kata beach and Kata Noi beach is located South of Karon. Only Laem Sai is situated in between. These are two smaller but groovy beaches. Both are a little more quiet then both Patong and Karon. Here You will find many good restaurants and resorts.

Beach scene in Khata Phuket

Please have a look at the attached Video. We think this gives you much better first impression of what you will expect there than by some pictures only. http: //youtu. be/qOgnEEakcVY?hd=1

Kata and Kata Noi Beaches Phuket Photo Gallery

I easily pulled the bell clear of the seabed because only about three inches around the base was under sand. There was no clapper but the top inside was flush and it appeared that there never had been one. On the top of the bell was a kind of crown on which it hung, while close to the shoulder, in a band around the side, were the words The Pearle 1717. The problem was that I had no lifting bag with me and I would have trouble recovering it. I removed my fins and tried to carry it to a more recognisable area closer to the reef, but after a few attempts which ended in my falling in a heap on my face, I had a rethink. The bell must have weighed in the region of 30 kilos. On went my fins and 1 rechecked my contents gauge: my air was OK. There was only one thing left to do. I half-carried and half-rolled it along on the bottom of its rim to a familiar place at the base of the main reef. By this time I was absolutely shattered and was about to head for the surface when I caught sight of Peter and Sean.

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