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Yet there are formulas on which the Coptic Egyptian texts insist, though without going into them too deeply: the Council of Chalcedon wished, in its declaration of faith, to innovate from Nicaea, therefore it must be rejected; whoever accepts its conclusions divides in two the second person of the Trinity, thus forming a “quadrinity”; Christ, Logos and second person of the Trinity, is indissolubly God and man, he was nine months in the Virgin’s womb, he assumed all the qualities of human nature, except sin, but including suffering. In the period that interests us, if we exclude Christology, the rest of the doctrine presents no important differences from that common to the rest of Christendom. Greek sophist, contemporary of Justinian; disciple of Procopius, whom he succeeded as director of the school of Gaza in Palestine. He wrote “many works fictitious plasmatikous discourses, panegyrics, monodies, epithalamia and antiheretical discourses.” Photius further praises the clarity and naturalness of his style, his religious sense and respect for the sacred, but judges his inclusion of “pagan fables and tales, even when treating sacred subjects” out of place. Among his descriptions evkfra,seij and encomiums a literary genre in which Coricius, according to Photius, “surpassed himself ” we must note the dubious eulogy of Bishop Marcian of Gaza ca. 530–550, with precise descriptions of the Churches of St. Sergius and St. Stephen in that city. He also composed the funeral eulogy of his teacher Procopius.

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1707 The Act of Union, voted on by the parliaments Katowice Metro Map of both countries, formally joins England and Scotland. 1708 Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy defeat Katowice Metro Map the French at the battle of Oudenarde. They follow up that victory by besieging and capturing the French city of Lille, one of the strongest and most elaborately defended cities on the French border. A British naval expedition seizes Minorca. 1709 Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy win the Battle of Malplaquet, a bloodier and less decisive victory over the French than those achieved earlier in the war. 1710 British colonists capture Port Royal, Acadia (Nova Scotia).

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