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Hi I’m Casey and I’m a tribute from Santos icon talent through Vietnam revealed. I myself.

I pass many period of different kind of political in my country. I still remember that when I was a small boy in the village.

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I saw a lot of posture of propaganda of the Communists in every way, and then we become a dictatorship by the military for long term, and then we control the political that come from the elections. I do hope that in the future our government can sit down, and talk together by the solution the best way for our Thai people the very important thing in my country Thailand said. I wanted to share to my people with their trouble in here about the characteristics of my own people about my culture that very big different from the western country inch allen all the time n had to become among for a period of their life.

This is our culture in the morning we are. So going to do some of the. I’m skipping with the month Levin be called a in the life let the people they never found anything like that in before in their own life.

So they come to talent they learn about that the thing that they are saved from this high officer room is the characteristic of the local Thai people from circa foundation his aim to help the people in the countryside through the children through the education in the village but this one we could to help them be going to change the culture with them. Because you change the life of the people here in this country my country Vietnam or the other country that is something that you never know, and they will never try but if you don’t mind to going to try that then you can get an experience that you never forget you.

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