Manchester Map Tourist Attractions

Manchester Map Tourist Attractions

Outwit the pricey Chinatown restaurants by eating the multi-course “Businessman’s Lunch” offered by most (M-F noon-2pm, £4-8). Better yet, visit Curry Mile, a stretch of Asian restaurants on Wilmslow Rd. for quality eats. A Tesco supermarket is at 55-66 Market St. (941 9400. Open 24hr.)

EilTampopo Noodle House, 16 Albert Sq. (819 1966). This spartan noodle house is one of Manchester’s favorites. Noodles from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan are well-priced (£4-8), quick, and delicious. Try the Pad Krapow with prawns and chilis. Open daily noon-llpm.

Dimitri’s, Campfield Arcade, Deansgate (839 3319), in an alley off Bridgegate St. Greek delicacies for plebeians and soap-opera divas alike (there’s a TV studio next door). 2 appetizers make a meal (£3.65-5.45). 20% off drinks during happy hour (5-7pm). Open daily llam-ll:30pm.

Tribeca, 50 Sackville St. (236 8300). Serves a wide variety of cuisines, from BBQ ribs to bangers and mash. Take your meal on one of the seductive beds downstairs. Appetizers £3-5.40. Entrees £7-13. Open Su-M noon-12:30am, Tu-Sa noon-2:00am.

Camel One, 107 Wilmslow Rd. (257 2282). A simple eatery with an extensive Indian menu. Banner claims “Voted #1 in England.’’ Kebab sandwiches made to order. Dishes £2-5.50. Open daily 10am-7pm.

Gaia, 46 Sackville St. (228 1002). Skilled chefs prepare brilliant British fusion cuisine with Mediterranean flavor. Renaissance decor features velvet curtains and candlelight. Appetizers £3-5. Entrees £8-13. Open M-Th and Su noon-midnight, F-Sa noon-2am.

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