Kenmore Camera Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Kenmore Camera Boston US Map & Phone & Address

• 50 Church St, Cambridge; (617) 661-6643 “We have everything,” says Lenny, the owner of Kenmore Camera (which sounds like it should be under the Citgo sign instead of in Harvard Square). He went on to recite a litany that proved his point: 35mm cameras, movie cameras, lenses, tripods, projectors, and even some video camcorders (which don’t stick around for long).

Lenny encourages customers to shop around, confident that they’ll come back here to make their purchases. You’ll find all major brands in the used department: Nikons from $150, Pentaxes from $99, plus Bell and Howell, Minolta, Kodak, Leica .The store also specializes in the exotic and hard-to-find. There are plenty of items under $100. Some cameras start as low as $30, as do some of the movie and slide projectors. These may, of course, be older models, which are sold “as is”; more recent ones carry a 30-day warranty. Open from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Mondays through Saturdays.

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