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A kind of edition of a text, even if limited and nondefinitive, came into existence with the sending by the author of complete or partial copies of it to friends or those he knew, asking for their comments, or with readings before a select audience. From that moment the work, until then known only by its author, or at most by those who had contributed materially to its writing stenographers, notary copyists, became de facto public, at least for those who had been authorized to read it or hear it read, who could then decide to return it to the author for the necessary corrections, or, with the author’s consent, promote its circulation. The definitive act of publication, however, was the sending of a copy of the finished work to a friend as a gift, perhaps with a dedication; with this gift the author effectively lost control of his work and tacitly allowed its reproduction. Augustine, e.g. sending the definitive version of De Trinitate to Aurelius of Carthage, in the dedicatory letter explicitly authorized his bishop friend to allow whoever wished to listen to, copy or read his work Aug. Ep. 174. This instruction makes clear the close relation that reading and transcription had in the publication and circulation of texts.

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This unusual, beyond-the-bottle blend of music Kinshasa Metro Map and wine reflects the dual passions of Costa de Oro winemaker/musician Gary Burk. His father Kinshasa Metro Map , Ron Burk, and Bob Espinola founded Gold Coast Farms in 1978 in the heart of the Santa Maria Valley. Fruits and vegetables thrived there, except on a particular bluff Fuglar’s Point. The farmers had a hunch that the bluff ‘s well-drained, sandy loam soil, a poor match for vegetables, would make an ideal home for wine grapes. In 1989 the Burk and Espinola families planted thirty acres, twenty to Pinot Noir and ten to Chardonnay, with vine cuttings from the famed Sierra Madre Vineyard just a few miles away. The hunch proved correct.

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