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Parts of the beauty of this temple is that, it’s embedded against a mountain of trees, and all with this majestic red pagoda rising out from the middle of it kiyomizu-dera is a buddhist temple, and a unesco world heritage site the name comes from the waterfall within the complex drinking the water here according to local belief conveys wish-granting powers. We’ve really enjoyed looking at the people who are coming to the temple there’s lots of Japanese school groups, and then at this temple. We’ve seen a number of young women dressed in kimonos, and that’s always.

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So much fun at every turn there’s something really beautiful, and incredibly photogenic the garden complex at the temple of the Golden Pavilion is an example of the classical age of Japanese garden design with a highly intentional relationship between buildings, and their landscape settings we learned that Kyoto was one of the few large cities in Japan really untouched by bombing in World War two it has a nice really a beautiful combination of new buildings, and ancient buildings and I love the contrast between the new, and the old. So they were enjoying Kyoto the Higashiyama district along the lower slopes of Kyoto’s eastern mountains is one of the city’s best preserved historic regions no beside many restaurants yeah well she’s wonderful she knows. So much about Japan, and the culture, and the history, and she’s.

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So tolerant of questions, and questions, and questions a family inside whenever we ask her any kind of question she’ll do her best answer, and if she’s not sure she’ll find out, and get right back to it. So she’s been very very gracious just % of Japan’s land is suitable for farming with most farmers over the age of the amount of land being cultivated in this island nation has been shrinking with each passing year the people are going to experience the harvest of the agricultural produce called komatsuna travellers can experience the learning, and discovery through their experience of harvesting the in a farm. We’ve been having a learning experience with the farmers, and it’s been very enjoyable to talk to them with our interpreter leader Michiko, it’s very interesting to learn about their life until recently he was raising the Japanese black high why would he stop doing the holidays she became old.

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This is a lot of fun. I’m I’m from a city so. I’m not a farmer never done this before my life.

I like to see the honeycomb. I like to interact with people a lot of fun the fruits of victory this place is called Hickey cake. This is really old house of the samurais people brought in the komatsuna that they harvested in the farm, and they are going to learn. How to make roll sushi that is called Maki sushi in Japanese loneliness aramaki disability thank you much today you are going to learn. How to make hearty dishes lucky to see my food oh nice look you’re not from now we are enjoying making sushi roll but the concept I’ll show you. How to make this your own this bungle mat.

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This is present for you Cremona you elder bring back your home sushi means sour tasting a reflection of its distinctive culinary heritage fish was fermented in rice, and then eaten only after the rice was discarded pours an aura see OVA yeah. I’m gonna roll the opportunities that we have to do the daily life such as cooking gives us a chance to take a break from all the intellectual learning, and actually have hands-on, and a lot of fun laughing at ourselves trying to do something that we can’t really do very well all right nice, and tight husband’s falling apart loose nuts no need to point that out speaks for itself is a vital food this year old house was that of a famous samurai in the region samurai warriors included men women, and children all trained in the martial arts you.

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