La Perla del Sur

La Perla del Sur, the second biggest city in Puerto Rico, goes by many names. La Perla del Sur simply means Pearl of the Orient in English, but is also called Ponce, City of Lions and Genip City. Ponce was established as far back as 17th century by Loiza Ponce de Leon, the great grandson of the famous and iconic Juan Ponce de Leon. The city features an array of colonial buildings and architecture, including old and historic churches, colonial homes and a number of intricately designed fountains.

Ponce has some of the most interesting points of interests in Puerto Rico, including the Parque de Bombas, a firehouse/museum which commands attention with its black and red building. La Guancha Paseo Tablado provides a good venue for interacting with the locals as this is a boardwalk frequented by the younger Puerto Ricans. If you’re looking for an incredible and overlooking sight, come and visit the Virgin’s Cross at the El Vigia Hill. Near the hill is the Serrales Castle which is owned by one of Puerto Rico’s most distinguished rum makers the Serrales Family. The castle is the perfect representation of Puerto Rico’s revival architecture, featuring the harmonious view of well-manicured lawns, fountains and gardens.

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