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Purse-snatching is an old Italian custom. One story has it that in 1932 excavators of ancient Herculaneum found two perfectly preserved bodies. One, apparently a patrician, lay on his face. Next to him lay a second body, his hand in the patrician’s money bag. The report says, Death caught the thief in the act. Modern day thieves don’t stop with purses. They grab luggage in airports and rail stations. Visitors are urged not to leave valuables in hotel rooms or even in locked autos. And check the change received when making a purchase.

Italy’s place on the world map is a surprise to most of us. It is a long, thin country covering eleven degrees of latitude. The north is on a level with Quebec, its southern tip with North Carolina. Parts of Italy may experience three months of snow while Sicily is subtropical.

Florence, Rome, and Venice are endeared to art lovers. The Italian Riviera is a geographical continuation of the French Riviera. The better Italian beaches are mostly privately owned, called lidos, with admission fees. Mediterranean pollution is widespread. One expert says that 70 percent of all Italian beaches present a health hazard. At times smog is as bad in Rome, Turin and Milan as in Tokyo, Los Angeles, or Mexico City.

Should Mr. Attorney go about to make this a libel Naples Map , he would read it thus: The leaders of the people innuendo, the Governor and Council Naples Map of New York cause them innuendo, the people of this Province to err, and they the people of this Province meaning that are led by them the Governor and Council meaning arc destroyed innuendo, are deceived into the loss of their liberty, which is the worst kind of destruction.’ Or if some person should publicly repeat, in a manner not pleasing to his betters, the fourth and fifth verses of the 56th chapter of the same book, there Mr. Attorney would have a large field to display his skill in the artful application of his innuendos. The words are: His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant, Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough.’ To make them a libel there is, according to Mr.

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