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1610 The English captain Samuel Argall, sailing in the employ Lincoln Subway Map of the Virginia Company, names Delaware Bay in honor of Thomas West, Baron De La Warr Lincoln Subway Map , the governor of the struggling Virginia colony. The name, originally applied to the bay, eventually refers to the river that feeds the bay, the Lenni Lenape living along the river, the lower three counties of Pennsylvania that make up the colony, and, finally, the state of Delaware. 1614 The Dutch name the entire mid-Atlantic region, basically extending from Jamestown to Quebec, New Netherland. They intend to extract beaver pelts and fish from the environs of Delaware Bay. 1621 The Dutch West India Company receives a monopoly from the States-General covering trade with the west coast of Africa and the Countrys.

This company is responsible for the earliest European settlements in the region, though none of these earliest colonies and trading posts is permanent. Dutch interest in the region remains high, or at least higher than English interest, but the Amsterdam government has other pressing concerns, such as the battle for independence from Spain, and concentrates on raiding wealthy Spanish colonies farther to the south.

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