Living in a Palace in Salzburg Austria Sound of Music Tour Winter

This is our last day in Vienna, and we want you guys to decide what we do if we came here yesterday they literally have been green grass I think there was a bit of behind your last suggestion was jump on a train, and go, and visit Salzburg this is exciting we’ve seen a little bit outside of the city.

Living in a Palace in Salzburg Austria Sound of Music Tour Winter Photo Gallery

Because with Enid a very cool accommodation movie fans you will know how all those places bright copper kettles the result in my prices with my dresser also my dresses when Schmidt what noodles guys I think the snow has folded us to cells bag Wow forecourt Yahoo that’s actually pretty impressive oh I think one of these are necessary wow this place is so beautiful though. So beautiful well technically it is the movie tell everyone where we’re staying again she lost leopold’s something like that yeah, and they actually posted some of the sound of music here, and it is so beautiful we’re staying. So we’re singing this little pink building here yeah a next door is a palace, and people can stay in the palace as well you just gonna have a lot of money like a suite. But look that’s the palace there okay give you guys a tour it’s so funny. Because everyone who would watch The Sound of Music would be interested in like coming here for The Sound of Music this is no way you come to Austria you can tee up with the green pastures everything’s like covenants to know.

But this is so beautiful though oh yeah this is the palace we’ll give you guys a better view of it I know looks like this looks like a Disney Palace like Cinderella a little tiny bit sad cuz it was like luck cuz I feel like God it’s not gonna look like Sound of Music. But then when we work over the morning I was like well this is so beautiful okay you guys know how big movie buff fans we are so being here is really cool. Because it’s quite an iconic spot. So on the ground replace your the Queen from Princess Diaries I think it is it’s just a perfect swing I’ve never swung in the snow a lot of other sign is saying swinging may cause happiness use it own risk I couldn’t agree with that more who’s way too much fun life he’s in a stream Oshin call for you still I love how we can say they were about to go to a palace for breakfast oh yeah that’s where breakfast is isn’t it you see first, I’m having breakfast in a palace it’s very fancy which way do we go oh that’s my favorite word Wow look at the staircase oh my goodness Fross truck oh my goodness though what a grand ballroom this is a buffet fit for kings I think. So there’s so many like Cinderella tables to choose from I think I want to sit at the window this place is actually in the palace exploration continues we’ve arrived in the library feel like if your bedroom was just here, and you tried to sneak out it would not like they would hear you this is just where you kill just in this living room right here there’s some more views of the lake I think I found a secret passage shall we go up Noorie yeah let’s go up please go up okay this is where all the good books are stored it’s the restricting Center oh where am I going Bobby I love all the fun books are up yeah hey buddy what are you doing in the snow oh my goodness oh I think you’re going to do your business if you’re going to digs up some snow, I’ll let you be all righty guys there is only one tour you need to do when you’re in Salzburg and, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be the only people this side of gray hair on this tour it’s a sound of music tour, and a look at the bus Jeff no doesn’t look touristy at all.

But are we gonna be stopping at a hotel all righty guess where our first stop on the tour is our hotel actually looks really beautiful from this side of the lake. So we actually found out that the lake here is totally artificial the person that built this like as a present for his son was it his nephew just built him this entire lake, and we also found out that this place it was literally every outside scene in front of the trap house was all posted here. So the actual house isn’t the actual house. But it out like all the gardens, and stuff all the scenes from the movie. Because they only got permission to shoot outside they didn’t get permission to shoot inside it’s all the inside scenes is like different locations or ourselves. But how beautiful is this park out here. So nice of the blanket of snow.

But we’ve come to the next stop is the pavilion which actually fun fact was at our hotel. But then up until 30 years ago too many people kept jumping into the hotel to get a photo kind of digging this park. Because it’s got these yellow painted walls, and against the snow actually looks really beautiful Darla’s she’s a demon you can see like pushing it’s one of 70 different lakes here in this area I know this tour is like inspire me to come back, and some I just look at this we’re just outside of Salzburg at the moment in the hills, and look at the sea this is a town that we’re going to go, and explore a little bit of, and of course this is the opening shots of the movie I just really want to come back here in summer, I’m sure it’s gonna look incredible this a bit foggy. But there are mountains, and hills just here you got this little cute town with a little Church there already we’ve just arrived in moon sea, and this is the church they get married at at the end of the movie. But they actually never post the outside. So it looks really beautiful into the churches. So inside it.

So we’re gonna go in it’s a really pretty church this area is so cute this town just wait till we show you around it’s like colored buildings are you finding out some Austria right right right. But why all this church is insane seriously how cute is the street this is the main street your little photo yeah let’s get some apple strudel we have two entities there’s like a little bakery over here let’s go check it out let’s just look at the town behind behind you yeah it’s super different to Vienna hey yeah definitely it’s a more like cute little Austrian towns yeah really old ones, I’m guessing all right from the only cafe opening this in the little town it’s a Wednesday then a wide suppose and, I’ll say we picked up a different one oh token strudel has cheesecakes the funny thing is Jess isn’t a huge fan of apple strudels like oh yeah I love this stuff you know cheesecake, and you don’t like perfect dessert. Because I have mine which you’re struggling good we’ll try the cheesecake on this know what that’s like hmm. But this might be a newfound thing about cheesecakes no yeah easy thank you my thought you will come to the end of the tour Bella Gardens the doremi scene is posted here causes the end where they like changing updates as they go up, and then yeah it’s cool that’s the end of the tour I hope you guys enjoyed that that was soup it was so good like it’s even better when you actually you know on the tour. So you guys should definitely do it.

But we also just found out that this is the birthplace of Mozart. So we’re gonna go, and check that out next oh. So it’s so funny. So we’re leaving the new part of Salzburg going to the old part of Salzburg they call it the new part, and it’s 400 years old ie twice the like oldness know of Australia yeah. But I really hope you guys enjoyed like going on that little tour with us. Because we understand a lot of people you know kind of watch these posts. Because they can’t do these things.

So all you Liesel’s out there they can’t come on the tours I hope you enjoyed it okay Harry Potter fans how much do this does this look like the whomping willows, and if she was inspired. But it does we’re walking alongside the river, and there’s like this massive love lock bridge just here look at these houses, and you’ve got the fortress with the castle just there like this is just a fairy tale seriously this is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever been to even on a terrible day like look at that cloud storm just up there it looks. So beautiful. But we seriously need to come back here in the summer Jess. So Salzburg isn’t just known for the sound of music. But something else to do with music this is pretty much like the birthplace of Mozart, and we’re currently walking inside his house where he lived for the first like parties thank you so much alrighty our final Austrian thing to try, and people there’s a lot more you have to tell us if we return at the present from dislike it’s called the what’s the markets for grand market grand market, and in summer I think this is a really very. But is all we need this lady’s literary selling meats, and cheeses, and pretzels, and she does she slices what you want, and then you get it we’ve got a plain one, and a cheetah just dig in mmm that’s really fresh all right we’re back on the train I hope you guys enjoyed that day trip to Salzburg we’re just heading into the Ennis it will see you then the hills are alive with the sound of me with songs they had already I hope you guys enjoyed that series here in Austria if you are new around here make sure you hit comment.

Because we’re heading to a brand new country tomorrow Oh.

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