How Long Is Summer Vacation In America

Soon we’re off again – almost. It seems the national park system needed to provide proof we could manage to find construction and road delays no matter where we choose to wander.

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Ninety minutes later, we’re back to enjoying the scenery and the somewhat warmer temperatures, but.

Another ninety minutes and, uh, maybe I was a little too enthusiastic about the wonderful scenery – the crew is claiming it’s getting a little monotonousand I’m getting more concerned we seem to be chasing the clouds when they try to veer off.

Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft, Flensburg built and completed her as Yard No.224 in June Diving around the Farne Islands 1903 for Aktieselskab Dampskibsselskab Selsk. Vendila, Copenhagen; Svendsen and Christensen were the managers. The single steel screw was powered by a three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used two boilers and gave 10 knots. Flensburger Schiffbau Ges. Flensburg, also manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery. She had an amidships bridge, two holds forward and two holds aft. The Chris Christensens final voyage was on 16 February 1915; she was in ballast and on passage from Aarhus via the Tyne for New York when she stranded in heavy seas on Longstone Point, Outer Farne Islands. The North Sunderland (Seahouses) self-righting and rowing lifeboat, the Forster Fawsett, was launched at 0440 hrs and rescued the nineteen crewmen, completing the mission and returning to North Sunderland harbour at 1830 hrs that evening. The stranding had torn a massive hole in the ship’s bottom plates and she eventually slipped back and sank in deeper water.

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