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An EVP was also recorded shortly after Dawn’s reported chill. Jessica asked, “If you want us to know who you are, you can tell us your name ”

Following that comes the word, “Ericka.” As of this writing, we have not been able to connect an Ericka to the prison. Should we find a connection we will post the details in the Secret Room of our Web site.

Moments later, Lorena called in on the walkie-talkie indicating it was time to switch. As the women were getting their equipment together, the K2 hit again. After listening to the audio, a voice was recorded, “Get out.”

Though our personal experiences were limited for this investigation, it seems the audio evidenced collected is compelling enough to suggest at least some of the stories surrounding the Allegan Jail Museum’s haunting are true. Whether you’re interested in its history or its haunting, we recommend coming to this fascinating place and see where some of the county’s most well-known desperados once stayed.

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