Maasai People in Kenya

Ganja is wonderful he’s been very helpful he takes care of all problems. I have a dream of being a safari guide for a long one as a little boy.

I grew up in a family where my uncle was a safari guide, and Here. I am. I do enjoy very much, and as part of my bucket list of my life.

Maasai People in Kenya Photo Gallery

So right now we’re in a massive village we have to meet with the chief. So we are hey mr. Joseph.

I just and I’m going to welcome you in headed Emily. So welcome the Masai live a semi-nomadic lifestyle herding cattle their primary food source they believe that their God gave them all the cattle on the earth, and once had a reputation as cattle rustlers. So they used to travel from one place to another.

So at least they want to make fire there is a natural way of making fire you call it a bush matchbox. So they use it cut the elephant down plus the cedar wood, and the dry piece of free. So they do it together, and lastly you get the smoke, and whenever you see smoke there’s fire the Masai aversion to eating wild game or birds has made their lands rich with wildlife most Maasai tribes are enthusiastic about sharing their traditions, and ways of life with outsiders.

I was. So surprised. I don’t even dance in America all the women are.

So beautiful they say they start years old they teach them. How to jump we live down for the prayer they’re going to bless you for your fear the trip to the Maasai village was incredible, and they were. So willing to share their culture with us, and that was a very very good experience you.

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