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Acadia National Park offers many crushed-rock carriage roads, where bicyclists share the road with horses and walkers. No off-road biking is allowed at Acadia. Some roads are fairly congested and therefore risky, such as the road up Cadillac Mountain.

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Mountain biking is a great way to see Baxter State Park, but cyclists are restricted to maintained roads in order to preserve the park’s wilderness. The 41-mile-long dirt and gravel Perimeter Road, also known as Park Tote Road, winds through many pristine and beautiful settings. Watch out for moose.

Rated the second most bike-friendly stale by the League of American Bicyclists, Maine offers bikers spectacular scenery, friendly and helpful residents, and lots of good food to rejuvenate a tired cyclist. You can explore the woods and byways of Maine by bicycle on The road, off the road, or in nearly any combination imaginable. Several companies offer bike tour pack ages around the slate for cyclists of different interests and skills, ranging from ihose who seek challenging terrain (we have a lot of that), lo those looking for easier, fami ly friendly jaunts. Bike clubs throughout the state post their free weekly jaunts. Islands are popular v\ ith cyclists and it’s easier to get a bike than a car on a ferry without a reser vation during the busy summer months.

There’s certainly no shortage of places to ride. You could just bring your bike and head out on your own, or you can plan your own bike tour using Maine’s Department of Transportation website,

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