Top Things to Do in Santa Monica Viator Travel Guide

There’s so much to see and do in Santa Monica. There’s volleyball, bike riding, walks along the beach. You’ve got the Santa Monica Pier, and loads of stores and restaurants. And just down the street is Third Street Promenade, which is full of live music, street performers, and lots of great shopping.

Best Things To Do In Santa Monica At Night

We’ve stopped off at Muscle Beach, here in Santa Monica, and as you can see, there’s people working out, there’s a tight rope, some monkey bars, there’s a rope that people are climbing. So if you want to get an extra workout in, this is a great place to stop. Or, if you want to to just watch from the sidelines, it’s a really cool show. And some of the guys and gals working out right behind me, are from the American Ninja Warriors.

Best Things To Do Santa Monica Pier

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Time to get suited up and hit some waves. Ready! California is renowned for its surf culture. I get to hit the waves too, with a private surf lesson. One of the highlights of Santa Monica is of course, the Santa Monica Pier. There’s lots of rides there, Ferris wheels, roller coasters, all that kind of thing, and of course the perfect picture opportunity. No pedaling.

Top Things To Do In Santa Monica Ca

Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach are pretty big, so with an electric bike, you actually get to cover the entire length of the beach. So these houses will only set you back a small eight million dollars or so. This pink and purple house is actually, Barbie’s house, the lady that created the Barbie doll. And her daughter’s name was Barbara, and her son’s name was Kenneth.

Top Things To Do In Santa Monica And Venice Beach

Hey. Santa Monica Beach is quintessential California. It’s sunshine, surfing, beaches, walking around in parks, this really, really feels like L.A.

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