Map of Bonn


The Federal Capital has a total population of 300,000. Despite a turbulent history covering almost 2000 years, Bonn is still a young lively city with high recreation value. Museums with exquisite exhibitions, the opera, theaters and ballet with noteworthy performances, ‘underground’ and pub theaters, concerts by internationally famous rock and pop artists, and the all-out ‘Bonner Sommer’ in the streets and squares of the city reflect the broad cultural spectrum of Beethoven’s home town.

Map of Bonn Photo Gallery

It shouldn’t take you long. Get on with it. We changed into our boiler suits. I had a gleaming new one on after the toilet incident. We looked at each other and went down the ladder from the flying bridge. The first wave to hit me was knee-high, but I was squatting down to read the thermometer so the water came halfway up my back. The second knocked me flying and I was washed across the deck. Don’t you break that bloody thermometer the mate shouted down from the flying bridge. I saw Starling go barrelling under the big fore and aft pipes on the crest of a wave, looking terrified. Another wave, a large one, washed right over me while I held onto the ullage pipe.

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