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Hey everybody it is the next day, and we’ve come out to a special place for breakfast become to a traditional spoon house as you can see behind me this place is in the old city it’s very cool as only rainy. So got hit with the bad weather. But it doesn’t matter. Because we’ve got these little places here, and the area’s just. So cool have you ever seen a breakfast with this many types of things before Mahler’s quite often nothing no what’s this you got here you’re no present thing with rice in it a little flame going on as well let’s hide these things I haven’t tried them yet I grabbed something a sesame things, and these things these are the meat ones yeah all righty now that we’ve left the local teahouse we’ve come to the local coffee house we’re heading into a dragon bird just as I possibly can guys you just arrived with the capital lynching we just got to offer tell ya yes save the jingling jingling no oh my goodness I know they said that we got to stay in quite a fancy hotel throw a last on stop this is huge oh it’s still walking jingling jingling hotel I think that’s how you say it, and it is literally in the heart of the city. So I cannot wait to go, and explore, and actually have a bit of like city this is a shrine wait I think there’s a button curtain off oh no no no that’s the curtain behind it there’s the city guys it’s huge we’re up there I like the 47th floor, and we’ve just come down it’s crazy in China the one thing I feel like is this if you ever want to know what the future is going to look like you come here.

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Because we drive around, and it’s just I rock everywhere. Because it was they have like well over 1 billion population here when we when Shanghai the population was more that city was more than all of Australia’s it was interesting to come here, and see how a country deals with such a large population, I’m sure in life as we go around the world you can see more of these high-rises just pop up. So fascinating to come to China we were told when we have to walk the roads in China as you just look out for yourself I know hey call me can we do a cheers yeah cheers everyone what a place to have breakfast on the 56th floor Hey everybody welcome back to Nanjing we have left the city, and we come to like a suburb area well they call it a suburb as more of a comment eNOS region we’re now shoe, and we’re walking up to a pagoda, and it is absolutely beautiful tell me why everyone thinks for an avoid about don’t they look lovely Julie while we’ve just come through into this building, and it is a masterpiece is still under construction apparently same thing five years to finish this the views the views are just insane this has got to be one of the most vital modern, and magnificent magnificent like water strands me that ever beat us this place is super special. Because they have part of this Barbara scalp stored somewhere here. So we’ve never been to a place where there remains of this is really special to be here, and this place needs to be seen a person is incredible by just the detail put into this place is insane and, I’ll have to double-check the facts. But apparently this was fifty billion yen about ten billion dollars to build this area, and they still believe that to this day we came in at the perfect time. Because the Sun is just going through there, and lighting up water this is really cool down to be here.

So currently the ground or underground of my route to the five escalators get down yeah, and it is like the detail, and what is in this area’s amazing I look at the walls each brick I just got a Buddha just in here, and the entire wall is like that we’ve just come into the thousand order room Wow oh my goodness I can’t even put this place into words this is a thousand buddha statues throughout this room or with this centerpiece right here. So amazing. So just below the centerpiece. So underground one more level is where Buddhist scholars. But we’re not allowed to go see it it’s it’s below there that’s still guys have just gone to our final spot of the day, I’ll finish the entire trip with the Nanjing city war, and this is super interesting is 35 kilometers around people’s 350 million bricks to do the city war, and I think it even with Stan Lee during world war 2, and some of the Japanese try to come, and conquer this, and it’s still also in some of the older parts of the city not here. Because I think this is a newest section China, and general has a super interesting, and brutal history. So jess was saying that when they built the city wall person had like built the certain part of the wall that have to engrave their name on it, and they were saying that if someone came through that part of the wall they’d go back, and look at the name, and if they found out that it was your family or your name that allowed the enemy to come through, and your friends, and family, and this is yeah we’ve ever done you have a whole it’s not gonna hurt you alrighty Steve you have to put a rod against your face look further further further further okay, and go okay, and go apparently climbing up the wall here’s some example of the name.

So the air like I was saying if they came through here, and this part of the Wall fell down let the enemy in whoever’s this family yeah they’d go, and slaughter all of them it’s crazy, and it’s this part is super beautiful they’ve got some vines growing on there you have some of the Chinese lanterns, and then you got like the city in the background. So this is the wall here, and it goes for 35 kilometers right around the city to end our time we’ve decided to. Because we’ve been having Chinese food for breakfast lunch, and dinner we’ve ended the Belgium cafe, and it’s called delirium is designed after the delirium in Belgium which is really cool as you can see they have all the different beers that they have yeah there’s almost like a Christmas vibe going at the moment getting us excited for Christmas. Because we have some really cool plans. Because it’s a nice way to end our time. So we’re just having some western, and there’s a little fake fire going on to make it nice, and cozy see you later China just got to the Nanjing Airport actually not sure where we need to go we know a picture of our airline it’s local this map to show us that’s really cool that way probably the coolest terminal transfer good morning.

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