EMERGENCY CARE: HOSPITALS IN HONG KONG Hong Kong has excellent medical facilities. Depending on your emergency situation and if your visa allows, it may be better to go to Hong Kong for medical care. Hong Kong hospitals generally have first-class emergency departments and English speaking staff readily available. Visitors and non-residents are treated in Hong Kong hospitals, for a stipulated payment in government hospitals and for the usual charge in private hospitals. For more information on government policies for medical treatment for visitors to Hong Kong, check information provided by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. The website is index.asp?

We have heard of cases of Shenzhen hospitals turning people away when they have too many patients. The Hong Kong system is more likely to ensure you are taken care of, either in the hospital you go to or by sending you by ambulance to another Hong Kong hospital.

Also in Shenzhen patients may have to go and buy their own medicine and Chinese patients arriving at hospital usually come with family or friends to help the patient. Nursing support is limited to specified medical care and for other care, such as bathing and meals; patients are reliant on the help of family and friends.


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