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I don’t know where life is taking me but I know that I haven’t been happy. It wasn’t until last week when I jumped into the ocean, having no idea what was in store for me – scuba gear in place and breathing apparatus in mouth Living in Thailand – did I really open my eyes and feel stress free for the first time in a very long time. Maybe it’s the idea of not being able to talk finally or really concentrating on my breathing….maybe it’s the clear water and beautiful ocean life…maybe it’s the feeling of being weightless and discovering a new world – but whatever it is, I was happy. Since then I’ve been scuba diving four more times and have taken classes and quizzes to work towards my scuba diving certification.

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I am now officially PADI Open Water Certified. I’d hope you’d be happy and proud of me. However, I don’t expect anyone to understand so I’m not going to tell many people until I’m gone. But I’ve decided that I am moving to a small island called Koh Tao, Turtle Island. Life is simple there: no nightclubs, traffic or stress. Life is hiking in the jungle, running on the white sand beaches and diving in the clear waters. I’m going to pursue the rest of my scuba certifications while I’m here.

I may be gone for three months or for more than a year – I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I’ve thought about this long and hard and have been thinking about it for months now. I want a simpler life, away from LA and away from the craziness it brings. I want to relax and de-stress. I want to be happy and I am happy here. Please do not try to talk me out of it, as you would just be pushing me away sooner. I’ve thought about the logistics and it will work. The House: I am sorry to leave you like this but it’ll be okay. We can find you a new room-mate before I leave. I’ve already emailed Kee, letting him know that I’ll be gone for three months (or more) doing scuba diving and will be finding a replacement room-mate.

Furniture: You, Kevin and/or the new room-mate can borrow all of my furniture until I return. This includes my bed, TV, stereo equipment, microwave, table, chairs etc. Clothes : I can pack up my clothes and store it at my parents’ house along with other small personal belongings. I can also sell off some things before I leave.

Cars: I am planning to sell both of my cars. If you want to buy my Lexus I will happily give you a fair price for it and work out a payment plan, if needed. Money: I will continue to help in the three major cities: New York, San Francisco, and LA. I will work two gigs every three months, back to back, and in different cities. Example: one weekend in San Francisco then the next in New York. Two months later I will work one weekend in New York and one in LA. Passive Income: I really, really want time to concentrate on passive income.

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