Melbourne Phillip Island Little Penguins Parade

Just outside of Melbourne, you’ll find the world famous penguin parade, where thousands of penguins venture from the water to their burrow. As you walk along, you see burrow after burrow, and actually there are 1000s of burrows on this part of the island. The stands are starting to fill up. People are getting ready for this incredible show. Oh, the first batch are coming out of the water. The penguins have been very busy at sea, and when it’s dark enough in the sky, they feed, they have the courage to leave the water, and come onshore.

Melbourne Phillip Island Penguins

And we can follow them on land as well. Here they come, just walking up next to the boardwalk, you’re so close to them. This type of penguin is called, the little penguin, because it is the smallest penguin in the world. Only about 32 centimeters high. Nature really is extraordinary. This is an absolute must when visiting Melbourne.

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Melbourne – Yarra Valley and Winery Tour

Australia is famous for its wine and today we’re headed to one of it’s most well known regions, the Yara Valley, which is just outside of Melbourne. So let’s go try some wine. Well, people book this tour because we are the wine experts. I love showing people how to taste wine and have them nod in agreement when they actually see a wine changing inside the glass.

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It’s a fantastic thing to teach people. It’s so good, it’s very sweet. We’ve just finished our first winey, the pinot noir was by far my favorite, and now, on to the next one. It’s very relaxed, it’s all about enjoying the day and meeting lovely new people from all over the world. It’s time for lunch, and naturally, another glass of wine. My favorite part of the day was the combination of the meal, plus the excellent wines we tasted. Winery number two is complete, I love the shiraz here, now on to the third one. It’s fun to go look at all the different wineries, because each one is unique, it has their own personality.

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This one, for example, is a converted barn. It’s been a great day, I mean, you get to go from the larger ones right down to the small farms and vineyards. And now, for the final winery, the Chandon. Our tour guide was really knowledgeable, he’s really funny, has a lot of good information about the wineries around the area, there’s a great variety on the tour. I have so enjoyed seeing Yara Valley, just some of its best wineries, and what a perfect way to end the day with a glass of sparkling wine.

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