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Miami – South Beach Cultural Food and Walking Tour

This post we’re exploring Miami’s acclaimed foodie neighborhood. We’re taking a cultural food and walking tour of South Beach. It’s a super hot day outside so we’ve got some really cold gazpacho. Wow, this place is so cute. I’ve never had Colombian food. This is really exciting. So we just stopped in Bolivar, and they made us a little drink. It was like some kind of Colombian soda and beer. It was really good. This is just what I need, a little air con. It’s like a Cuban sandwich, but instead of ham, they have pulled pork. So we’re at David’s Cafe. It’s the place to go for Cuban coffee. Exactly what I needed. I think I could become a coffee drinker after this. We’re just taking a nice stroll down Ocean Drive. We’re headed to Miami Beach Cafe, where we’re going to try, get this, nitrogen ice cream. This is really chic. The building is Mimo, Miami modern. It’s international contemporary cuisine.

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Oh, the crunchy salad roll was delicious. It was nice and crispy. Delicious. Mmm, bon apetit. I prepare ice cream. This is mixed with fresh strawberries, and this is liquid nitrogen. Oh my gosh. This is some homemade strawberry ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. I’m definitely coming back for seconds. It’s cool to see all the art deco architecture. South Beach is actually known to have the highest concentration of art deco architecture in the world. People that come on the tour with us in South Beach, they love the diversity.

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It’s really fun even for locals. We’ve lived her for years. This was such a fun way to explore South Beach. We got to try food from all over the world, and finish up with a scoop of gelato.

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Miami City Tour including Bayside and Biscayne Bay Cruise

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This post we’re checking out Miami, starting on a bus going to Coconut Grove, South Beach, Coral Gables, and then hopping on a boat to visit Biscayne Bay. Here we go. We’re at and we’re walking around Little Havana. All right, Cuban coffee time. So strong and so sweet. Miami. It’s a party in here. Everyone’s playing Dominos. I wish I knew how to play though. So intense. We’re checking out the famous Biltmore Hotel. Oh, wow. I love the architecture of this place. There’s all these little unique little touches that make it extra special.

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All right, so we’ve seen a lot of Miami by land, now, we’re gonna hop on a boat and see it from the water. Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen. We’re gonna have a beautiful, hot, sweaty trip around the Biscayne Bay We got to see movie star homes and took lots of pictures and it was quite exciting. Triple mansion, double wrap-around pool, three Jacuzzis, all for Shakira. Scar Face with Al Pachino playing Tony Montana. Jackie Chan is home right there. Hi, Jackie. It was awesome. I would do it again, definitely. Wow, that was such a fun day. We got to go to all these different neighborhoods throughout and around Miami and then take a cruise through Biscayne Bay. I feel like I got a really good taste of Miami today.

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