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In summer 382 a number of Eastern bishops met at Constantinople at Theodosius’s invitation to resolve the cases of Maximus the Cynic and Paulinus of Antioch, on which East and West disagreed: Ambrose still considered the discredited Maximus the legitimate bishop of Constantinople, and the entire West and Egypt considered Paulinus the bishop of Antioch, while the East had elected Nectarius and Flavian to those sees. The bishops examined a letter from Damasus inviting them to a council at Rome to decide the two questions. They made excuses for declining, reaffirmed the validity of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan creed understood in the light of the Basilian interpretation, which distinguished in the Trinity one divine ousia essence, substance articulated in three hypostases, and expressed themselves decisively in favor of Nectarius and Flavian. This council is thought to have published two canons, later erroneously added to the four canons of the 381 council as canons 5 and 6: one related to the schism of Antioch and the other to the conciliar procedure to be followed in cases of accusations brought against bishops. 394. Some bishops including Theophilus of Alexandria and Flavian of Antioch met under the presidency of Nectarius, bishop of Constantinople, to decide the case of Bagadius of Bostra, who had been deposed by a tribunal of only two bishops and replaced by Agapius. They laid down that a bishop could only be deposed by a council.

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1772 The Virginia physician James McClurg publishes Experiments upon the Human Milan Subway Map Bile. 1773 William Bartram, son of botanist John Bartram, leaves on a series of expeditions Milan Subway Map through southeastern British Country, which will last until 1776. Benjamin Rush publishes Experiments and Observations on the Mineral Waters of Philadelphia, Abingdon, and Bristol. The Virginian Society for the Promotion of Usefull Knowledge is founded, with John Clayton as its first president. The first insane asylum in British Country, at Williamsburg, Virginia, opens its doors. 1775 The fourth edition of Mitchell’s map is published as A Map of the British Colonies in North Country with the Roads, Distances, Limits and Extent of the Settlements.

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