Nepal Mystical Himalayas Travel, and Vacation

Oh one of the many things that draws travelers to Nepal is its kind warm people but a place of such stark elemental beauty can also be.

So welcoming is nothing short of amazing our Oh eighties small group size allows us to go beyond the tourist track exploring the region’s hidden gems, and heading off the beaten path for spontaneous discoveries all on a discovery filled itinerary offered at an unbeatable value you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions journey to the last shangri-la Bhutan adventure to Tibet to observe an ancient, and spiritual way of life from your hometown you’ve set out on a journey of discovery we fly a via Delhi India to Kathmandu where your trip leader awaits to reveal the city’s bustling neighborhoods then we head to Pokhara in the unup owner range to witness traditional himalayan life next we begin our float down the city river famous for colorful bird life, and picturesque foliage we also explore chitwan national park searching for rare wildlife on elephant back, and finally we fly back to kathmandu for our last night in nepal on this adventure. You’ll delve into Asian history, and culture in Kathmandu.

Mystical Nepal Treks

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We visit patan durbar square an important center of hindu, and buddhist traditions in the countryside we Trek overland in the Annapoorna region, and MODY River Valley taking in Nepal’s beautiful scenery along the way from the majesty of Pokhara to the peace, and beauty of fuer Lake we’ll even search for rare creatures like the greater one horned rhino on a safari in Chitwan National Park throughout you adventure. You’ll find that your unique discoveries are enhanced by Oh a tease small group size we see everyday life from varied perspectives discover intricate temples, and Buddhist shrines among locals monks, and pilgrims alike there’s another benefit to a small group -, and that’s. How easy it is to make friends in a small circle of like-minded peers as you explore our expert resident trip leaders will enrich your understanding of the region since all our trip leaders live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life they’ll give you the backstory on all the places you visit what on your adventure and,.

Oat Nepal Mystical Himalayas

Because our trip leaders are all natives of their region. You’ll enjoy an authentic experience of local culture while in Asia. You’ll dine on freshly prepared or regionally inspired meals your trip leader will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties.

You’ll enjoy the chance to sample local foods in a variety of settings from authentic restaurants to popular local spots, and more your accommodations balance the comfort of modern amenities with authentic lodgings at the heart of each stop on your itinerary each stay on your adventure offers a place to relax refresh, and mingle with your fellow travelers after a day of discovery you can experience even more with optional tours for example in Kathmandu you can take a flightseeing excursion to.

Nepal And The Mystical Himalayas

Mount Everest to witness the world’s tallest peak, and experience the ancient architecture of bhakta for once the crown jewel of a mullah Empire, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip be sure to make the most of your travels with a trip to remote Bhutan entry to this real-life shangri-la is very restricted but o eighty can get you there, and at the best value available come witness its eye-popping scenery, and experience the ancient customs of its people as long as you’re.

Nepal Mythical Creatures

So close why not add an extension to Tibet along with exploring the ancient capital Lhasa we’ll travel overland on the friendship highway to young truck lake tour she got say the second largest city in Tibet, and explored Beyonce’s pouch or monastery, and it’s touchy Lumpur monastery ancient culture incredible wildlife the world’s highest mountains, and warm welcoming people with its blend of deep spirituality hospitality, and visual splendor Nepal is a mystical magical land unlike any other join us at the very roof top of the world on Oh a TS adventure to Nepal, and mystical Himalayas.

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