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Ferryboat passengers admire the most American of monuments, still beckoning from island in harbour.

The museum, which was opened in 1972, briefly retraces, through multi-media exhibits. the history of the main national groups responsible for the creation of the United States. It’s a sign of the times that emphasis is given to the contributions of blacks and Indians, the only Americans for whom the statue has no historical signification.

When you’ve seen enough of the museum, you can choose between climbing the 167 stairs to the top of the pedestal, or paying to ride up in the elevator. If you can face it. there are 12 more stories to climb to the platform inside the Lady’s crown, where the view is simply fantastic.

The Statue of Liberty, the work of sculptor Frederic-Au-guste Bartholdi, was a gift from France to the United States in recognition of the friendship between the two countries which dates back to the American Revolution.

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