Oldies Concert Series US Map & Phone & Address

Oldies Concert Series US Map & Phone & Address

City Hall Plaza, Boston; (671) 338-4636

Sponsored by Oldies 103 FM radio, these concerts take place on several Saturdays from Memorial Day Weekend through mid-August. They bring back such groups as Three Dog Night Chubby Checker, The Monkees, and many others.

Hatch Memorial Shell Concerts Free concerts (and movies!) on the Esplanade, all summer long.

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There are a couple of narrow crevices between the islets and they are surrounded by fairly shallow water, with the deepest part, at 6-8-metres, being in Piper Gut. There is very little of interest because the sand and stone seabed is well scoured by the current. It is possible to dive on the west side of the islets during ebb tide, but not on the eastern unless you are prepared for a rapid drift dive. At low water and on the ebb tide, this little lagoon makes an excellent novice dive and usually produces a few buckies (whelks) for the sharp-eyed diver. The flat sand and stone bottom has a patchy covering of kelp and is only 4 metres deep at the entrance, but becomes more shallow as you move in to the western end. There are small rock walls on both sides at the Piper Gut end and one or two decent holes to look into. On the top half of the tide the water rushes in from the north and west producing strong swirling currents, making it impossible to stay in one place, and at high tide the lagoon disappears altogether. The centre of Piper Gut is strewn with the wreckage of the Forfarshire and many other wrecks. There are still bits of non-ferrous metal to be found including a number of zinc anodes amongst the weed-covered rocks and stones, especially at the southern end. The problem is that, with the current running at up to 8 knots, it is not exactly the best place to go scrapping with a lifting bag.

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