Otavalo Cuicocha Cayambe-Coca Quitsato Exploring La Sierra in Ecuador

Our time in Cuenca is over. We flew back to Quito yesterday night. We are now hour north of Quito at the Hacienda Zuleta, it’s where we stay the next days. Here the artists will produce their artworks and I will just use the chance to show you around. This Hacienda was actually bought by one of the former presidents of Ecuador and the place is huge. One can stay here but they still also produce milk and cheese and some other agricultural products. Let’s check out the artists and what they are doing. so I just try to sneak into their workshop. I found some time to go out of the house and to go for a little hike with Jeff.

Bus Otavalo Cuicocha

Otavalo Cuicocha Cayambe-Coca Quitsato Exploring La Sierra in Ecuador Photo Gallery

Yout should definitely check out his Instagram blog. We want to go to the lookout for the Condors. We made it to the top but we haven’t seen them yet but we might be lucky and see them later. ? When we had some beers. The tour with the artists is finished but I’m not we are on the road again to the pyramids of Cochasqui. We are now at Cochasqui which is a pre-incan site and those pyramids which you can see over there they are covered and also here.

Otavalo To Cuicocha Lake

These are all pyramids and they were built about years ago by the Quito Caras. This was the tribe which was living here before the Incas. They actually covered the pyramids so that the Incas were not able to find them. On a side not there are about five hundred llamas living in this park as well. Next city, next market.

Distancia Otavalo Cuicocha

We are in Otavalo, home to one of the largest markets for clothes in South America. We made it to Cuicocha and we’re now on our way up to see the crater from above. It’s quite exhausting but again totally worth it! If you are fancy for a hike you can hike the whole crater which is about six hours. The trail goes all around. Finally we made it to the equator! You see: now I’m in the south Now I’m in the north. In the south. in the north. in the south.

Otavalo Lago Cuicocha

It’s my last day in Ecuador and we decided to be active today so we drove east from Quito. To the Parque Nacional Cayambe Coca where we go for a little hike. I’m now at the hot springs of Papallacta on an altitude of about, meters and this is the perfect finish for this Ecuador trip. If you liked this post please don’t forget to comment to this blog for new travel posts every Thursday! We see each other in the next post. Until then: Saludos from Ecuador!

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